The Next Steps on My Journey To Wellness


I'm jumping back to my own personal journey to wellness for this article. As I mentioned in my last post, I personally have all five of the terrible "cancer triggers." That doesn't mean I'm going to panic and resolve to the inevitable. I'm doing the exact opposite. I'm taking action by taking charge of my [...]

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Journey To Wellness Part 2


This is a continuation of my first article explaining my own personal journey back to wellness. It was a slow process of discovering each issue and then, thanks to all of my newly acquired knowledge in natural medicine, I was able to connect some very important dots. I now realize that all the small annoying [...]

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My Own Personal Journey To Wellness


I decided to make 2023 my "Year of Wellness" and I'm planning to document as much of my journey as possible in hopes that my experience may inspire or educate others with their own wellness goals. Let me start off by saying that outwardly I appear to be the healthiest person I know. I have [...]

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Divine Intervention to Prepare for COVID-19


I have so many personal stories to share but I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and get them out of my head and onto a computer screen. I know that sounds strange given the current quarantine situation, but I am spending just about all of my time studying. Since mid-February, I [...]

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Haunted by Past Emotions – Part 2


(This is a follow-up to my Haunted by Past Emotions post.) As promised, here is the end of my personal story about how my pain from the past came back to haunt me. When we arrived home the pain (both neck and knuckle) was really persisting and interfered with everything that I did. I was [...]

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Haunted by Past Emotions


Ever since I got serious about practicing my energy medicine routine daily, along with meditation and yoga, I have been nearly 100% pain-free. Minor little things come up every now and again, but I can usually get to the bottom of them and fix them pretty easily. The one pain that has NEVER resurfaced during [...]

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Living Pain-free – Part 2


Picking up where I left off . . . I mentioned that since I’ve been meditating and doing my Energy Medicine exercises daily that I’ve been completely pain-free. And this fact really struck me that day I took the long walk on the beach and wrote Part 1 of this story. You see, this day [...]

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Living Pain-free – I’ve Come a Long Way Baby


My glorious Mexican sabbatical is coming to an end and I’m trying to savor every minute of my last days. During my long walk along the beach today I decided not to listen to inspirational podcasts, and instead, just let my mind wander. Two thoughts raced through my mind as I passed a massage tent [...]

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