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& Chinese Medicine with Quantum Physics

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What is BioEnergetics?

BioEnergetics is the science of assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems. This energy is our vital life force that governs every aspect of our existence. It drives our cells and allows them to execute the crucial metabolic activities essential for survival. Balancing and correcting this energy and information improves your body’s ability to heal and stay healthy.

Looking at Disease Through a New Lens

BioEnergetics can be a critical piece of the puzzle in understanding disease and illness. Many medical conditions can be traced back to disruptions in the body’s energy systems. New remedies now bridge the gap between modern medicine and ancient practices like acupuncture. They are designed to restore the body’s energetic balance which will in turn bring the body back to homeostasis where it can begin the healing process.

Decoding the Secrets to Wellness

BioEnergetics delves into the realm of invisible vital life force energy that flows through our bodies. It allows us to “see” and understand this previously imperceptible energy. With high-tech assessment tools such as voice analysis, we can read and interpret the invisible language that your body is speaking and decode the dynamic interplay between your internal energy flow and your overall health.

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