What is YOUR Body
Trying To Tell You?

You will be amazed at what 10 seconds of your voice
can uncover about your health.

Ready to Unlock the Secrets of Your Body?

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Your voice is like your fingerprint. It’s totally unique to YOU and you will be amazed at how much it can reveal about your overall health and wellness. You will see how your emotional states and baggage from your past is impacting your health in very specific ways.

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How the System Works

Step 1 – DETECT (Assess the Body-field)

In just a few seconds, the scanning software records your voice and generates a comprehensive, personalized, holistic wellness report that provides guidance for addressing your body’s priorities for support. This approach looks for the underlying problems so we can address health concerns at the root cause with their bioenergetic solutions.

NES bioenergetics
NES Health infoceuticals
NES miHealth Device

Step 2 – CORRECT (Restore & Correct Information)

You will have the opportunity to purchase very special liquid energetic remedies called “Infoceutical” which made from structured water that has been imprinted with bio-information to directly correct distortions in YOUR body-field. By over-writing distorted and negative information with positive healthy information, you can restore your body’s inherent self-healing abilities. This is truly customized medicine as opposed to the “one-size-fits-all” program that our current healthcare system follows – where the symptoms are treated rather than the people experiencing the symptoms. There is a unique reason why YOU have a certain condition and this system will uncover and correct that underlying, often deeply repressed issue.

For in-office appointments, you will also receive an added benefit of the MiHealth device. This is a handheld Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) and biofeedback device that helps to release energy blockages, stimulate trigger points, and bring the body’s energy field back into balance.

Paula Apro

Step 3 – PROTECT (Keep up with your energetic hygiene)

After putting in the investment of time and money to get your health back on track the last thing you want to do is slip back into your old routine or lifestyle that got you sick in the first place. Understanding that symptoms are just signals from the body that a deeper lifestyle change must be made, you should routinely check-in with scans to see how you’re doing. If you recovered from a life-threatening disease you would certainly continue your screening to ensure that you are still on the right path and free of issues. This is no different. I offer health coaching packages as well as drop-in consults to support your journey to wellness.

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