Some words from my happy clients

Pranic Healing Clients

I turned to Energy Healing at a point in my life when I had several life changes and was not coping well. I had the Pranic healing and was very surprised the next afternoon. The heavy feeling that I felt inside was gone! Given what was happening in my life I actually thought I should not be feeling this good. I have had several treatments since and I can say it has, without a doubt, changed my life. I am so thankful.”

“My husband is insisting I keep seeing you after the change in me already!!! I feel lighter! I haven’t cried one time since yesterday!”
Natalie, after just one Pranic Psychotherapy session

“Paula was fantastic in explaining everything to me so I would understand! When I left I felt like a weight had been lifted.”

Remote Healing Clients

I definitely felt the same positive benefits from my remote Pranic sessions as from my in-person ones. Added benefit of the remote sessions was that I was already at home so could stay relaxed and bask in the glow of renewed energy!

“After trying many, many different approaches to address the debilitating heal pain I’d had for nearly a year, Paula’s Emotion Code sessions worked like magic. I’ve had two office visits and two remote sessions. At first, I couldn’t wrap my head around the remote sessions but I gave them a try.  They are fabulous and work great. Better still I don’t have to drive anywhere. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to continue my sessions from the comfort of my home.”

“Thank you for saving our vacation. I do not know how you did it from Maine while I was in the British Virgin Islands, but you eliminated the pain in my heel which was preventing me from walking. I’m becoming a believer in your energy medicine!”

“Neck pain is gone!!!! Also the shoulders are relaxed! No pain or stiffness moving my head side to side…AMAZING!! I’m truly thankful and grateful for you!”

“I’ve been meaning to write and thank you. I’ve not had any other dizziness since your healing. I cannot thank  you enough.  Thank you!”

Body Code™/Emotion Code™ Clients

I am in total awe of the patient exploration of my symptoms by Paula, that have plagued me for over 2 years. Otherwise healthy, I tried to function as best I could but chronic unpredictable relapses left me totally depleted and made my life quite unmanageable. My mental exhaustion drove me to attempt this unconventional route with Paula, which turned out the greatest gift.

She confidently and systematically established clarity of some complex underlying causes, in total alignment with my own intuition and was able to clear some of these energetic imbalances. After feeling so lost, I felt like I had returned home again, now on solid footing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know her method will work for me and my loved ones and will bring back all the joys I knew before my illness.

After my 50-year career in conventional medicine, I now realize that the missing link eluded me all those years. I implicitly trust Paula as a gifted healer to find the missing link of your illness and bring it home for you also.

With utmost respect and deep gratitude,
– Gabriele Roden MD

I loved it! I had a positive result in less than 24 hours after my session. I would definitely recommend this kind of energy therapy to a friend. Paula’s energy, enthusiasm and skill are amazing.
– Dan

“I have had such a wonderful experience with my Emotional Code sessions. They are always nice, fun and comfortable. I’ve had many sessions with Paula and I have to say that every single time, not too long after I feel much better! I’ve noticed a lot of results in the past months with my mental health and behaviors. I’ve also noticed that every time I get a session, something good happens in my life! I am so thankful to Paula, and I truly feel she knows what she’s doing! I highly recommend her to anyone looking to better their lives.”
– Michael

“After just one Emotion Code session I felt different. It’s been three days since my session and I continue to feel better each day. I’m amazed! It is one thing to believe in energy work and another to experience it as I have.”
– Diane

Quantum Medicine Health Coaching

“Paula has a natural gift for healing. I started my journey with her not knowing anything about energy medicine or even how it may be able to help me, but I had reached a point where I desperately needed something in my life to change. I would arrive for a session as an emotional wreck and leave feeling better than I had in months. Not only is Paula a natural healer, she is a teacher. The way Paula works with clients helps them develop an awareness of the energetic body and the skills to be able to take charge of their own mental and physical health by harnessing energy. I now feel empowered because through the process of healing, Paula has taught me how to be attuned to the subtle shifts in my energetic body, allowing me to support the healing work we do together on my own by utilizing the various techniques that Paula has to offer.”

“Still not sure I understand Quantum Medicine, but I only know that Paula has been using it to help me through my radiation treatments for prostate cancer. I am now balanced, feeling more positive with less anger and mood swings.”
– Peter

Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation Facial Clients

“Paula’s Crystal Facial was something I have never experienced before – a combination of healing, relaxation and rejuvenation – I already booked by next appointment. Thank you Paula for bringing this beautiful practice to midcoast Maine!”
– Nancy

“I recently had a Crystal Sonic Rejuvenation session with Paula. It was a delicious hour of relaxation. I drifted in and out of beautiful visions and felt rejuvenated immediately after. My body continued to detox throughout the rest of the day. I highly recommend this treatment. Thank you for bringing crystal-healing to the MidCoast, Paula.”
– Rhonda

Energy Medicine Class Participants

“You have opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities – for healing inside and out. Thank you for giving of yourself and sharing your knowledge. Gratitude for what you have awakened in me.”
– Linda

“Paula is a committed healer with contagious enthusiasm who shares a wealth of knowledge in her classes. After she presented us with big concepts in a relatable style, she teased out key lessons and a practical set of techniques you can practice at home to improve your energy and achieve greater mental, physical, and emotional health. I highly recommend attending!”
– Kathleen

“Thank goodness Paula is sharing her wealth of information with folks. Her enthusiasm is infectious and the content of her Energy Medicine course is something everyone should know. Who doesn’t want to be healthier and practice wellness. I am excited to incorporate this new knowledge into my daily routine and stay healthy! I highly recommend Paula’s course and services.”
– Nancy

“The knowledge that Paula imparts is felt by the group as the Ah Ha moment that we all need to become aware of and reminded of.”
– Alice

“Paula’s classes were full of helpful and exciting information and tools to support one’s own process of self-healing. The practices I’ve learned have already helped me immensely!”
– Courtney

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