Custom Imprinted Meditations


Get the only meditation in the world customized for YOU!

Using just 10 seconds of your voice recording, a NES Bioenergetic scan can determine exactly where you are ready to make profound shifts in your core beliefs and emotions.

We all carry repressed energy from shock and/or traumatic life events. This information is stored away in our brains and cells and it blocks the flow of energy and information in our bodies. Only your subconscious knows the areas that you are ready to make a shift in positive ways and a bioenergetic scan can pinpoint these areas.

A NES bio-energetic scan analyzes your virtues, areas of strength to develop; as well at your limiting beliefs that need to be overcome. The software takes the top 3 of each of these and personalizes your meditation based on your individual needs and opportunities.

But the meditation is much more powerful than just that – and this makes it different from any other guided meditation.

These meditations also imprint your body with the NES proprietary healing frequencies. As you’re guided through specific virtues and beliefs, you are given body-field support to shift in each of those areas at the subconscious level. You may not hear it, but it’s there embedded in the meditation!


By using your custom meditation daily you will be on the fastest path for making positive progress in your personal development – and the subconscious support you are given makes your progress easier than ever before!

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