I have so many personal stories to share but I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and get them out of my head and onto a computer screen. I know that sounds strange given the current quarantine situation, but I am spending just about all of my time studying. Since mid-February, I have sat through well over 60 hours of online lectures, and I still have another 30+ hours to go . . . I will share more of what all this studying is about in the near future, but right now I want to share this story.

The training class that I have been most looking forward to was my next level of Pranic Healing course. It was to be an in-person live class scheduled for mid-April and I’ve been over the moon excited about advancing to the next level. This course adds crystals to the Pranic healing protocols. I have to admit that I never really gave crystals the respect they deserve. It wasn’t until after completing a very comprehensive online course (probably the most comprehensive training available)  did I fully realize their power and potential.

So after completing that online class, I was just itching to learn how to take Pranic healing to the next level with crystals. Well, needless to say, the upcoming class had to be canceled for obvious reasons. And Pranic courses will never be allowed to be taught online. This information is sacred and can only be taught in-person by master healers. I’m sad beyond words. But I was able to get the course textbook and read up on it on my own. With the solid knowledge that I already have, I was able to absorb this new info like a sponge. All I needed at this point was to get my hands on the highly specialized crystals.

Well, that certainly proved to be a challenge. Just about all of these crystals come from India and all businesses are closed for international orders. I was almost afraid to ask my local Pranic mentor if she knew of a way that I could get one (before being fully and properly trained). To my delight, she told me that she had the crystals that she was going to offer us during the class and she was willing to sell me one in advance of me taking the class. That was the good news. The bad news is that these special crystal wands (magic wands really) range from $200 – $600 per piece. Just to give you an idea of how special they are.

So I sucked up the cost and purchased one, along with a large sphere-shaped rose quartz. They were shipped out on Friday and arrived on my doorstep on Saturday. What a pleasant surprise! There is an entire ceremony involved with cleansing, charging and something called “consecrating” the crystals. This process is to be done outdoors where there is sun, air, and earth prana. Yesterday we only had about 30 minutes of weak sunshine but it was just enough for me to get outside and perform this ritual. My magic new tools were ready to go.

I spent more hours watching more “vibrational healing” classes where I’m “developing a new sensory organ” so that I can “feel energy.” When the evening started to draw near I was overcome with the feeling that I should reach out to my brother and sister-in-law. They live in CT and my sister-in-law is a nurse. I just got this overwhelming concern for her so I sent a quick text to see how they were doing. I could not believe the response.

Apparently my sister-in-law was working at the hospital throughout all this chaos and can I just mention the fact that she was working with zero protective gear, not even a face mask. She works in the maternity ward and apparently they deemed that a safe zone. Last week one of her patients had flu-like symptoms but refused to get tested for COVID19. She later did finally get tested because she had exposure to others with confirmed cases. Needless to say, this patient tested positive and just yesterday my sister-in-law came down with flu-like symptoms. When she got my text she was locked up in a spare bedroom with a fever.

This is what I’ve been studying for! I feel like the last 5 years of my life was the Universe preparing for me for this pandemic. It was time for me to get thrown into the fire. Last night I performed my first “crystal Pranic healing.” You should know that by using these crystals I am greatly magnifying the power of the energy that I can project. I performed a protocol for the flu and pneumonia and her temperature reduced by nearly 2 full degrees by the end of the session.

Also, her chakra readings at the start of the session where exactly in line with what I would have expected. For those that have gotten Pranic treatments from me, this chart will look familiar.

This represents the “vitality of the chakras” at the beginning of a session. Notice how low all the lower chakras are (the “lower” chakras are listed at the top of the chart). The Basic chakra indicates a person’s overall vitality and is an indicator of how strong they are at that time. The circled “Ds” mean that those charkas are “depleted” (not enough energy) rather than congested (too much energy). Another very interesting thing to note is the Spleen chakra. That is the energy center that is the main filter of the body, working to filter out detrimental energy. The only time I saw a spleen this low was when I worked on my husband during a severe eye infection.

I have a lot more learning to do and every session I do gives me more and more valuable experience. I pray that my sister-in-law heals quickly. And let’s just all take this opportunity to be eternally grateful for everybody in the healthcare profession for the sacrifices they are all making every single day.

Update – as I was editing this blog post I got a text from my sister-in-law reporting that all her body aches have subsided and she is feeling much better than yesterday. My western-medicine-allopathic-nurse-sister-in-law reported to my brother that I cured her!!!