Ever since I got serious about practicing my energy medicine routine daily, along with meditation and yoga, I have been nearly 100% pain-free. Minor little things come up every now and again, but I can usually get to the bottom of them and fix them pretty easily. The one pain that has NEVER resurfaced during the past 3-4 years is my dreaded neck pain. This is the pain that was the original catalyst for me changing my life. But last week, it very unexpectedly made an appearance back into my life. On one hand, I was shocked and devastated, and on the other hand, I was thrilled about the potential learning experience. So let me explain what happened last week . . .

My husband and I went to CT for 3 days to attend his company holiday party. This is the same company that I worked for when we lived in CT. This is also the same company that is mostly (OK, fully) responsible for all of my previous health issues. I went through a lot of emotional unrest at the end of my career that caused more stress and trapped emotions than I could possibly measure. I have done an awful lot of emotional work on myself over the past 4 years and I could honestly say that I had no trepidations what-so-ever surrounding returning to this company event. In fact, I was excitedly contacting old co-workers in advance of seeing them.

We arrived to CT two days prior to the party. During those two nights I had trouble sleeping and not only could I not sleep but I noticed that one of my arms was going numb in bed. This is exactly one of the symptoms I used to have prior to my neck surgery. How strange. That hasn’t happened to me since the surgery!

The party night finally arrived and I had a wonderful evening of catching up with lots of old familiar faces. I truly enjoyed every minute. However, soon after we got into the car to start our journey home I discovered a very strange but familiar pain in the back of my neck. I blamed the uncomfortable rental car but wondered why the pain didn’t arise during our 5-hour commute going to CT. We drove close to 2 hours to a hotel in MA and tried to get some sleep. I laid there sleepless and in agony with the neck pain increasing. The next day it persisted and it was the exact same “bone pain” like a fist was pushing into the back of my neck that I had nearly every day after my neck surgery.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also noticed another familiar strange pain arising in my left hand. It felt like pressure between the knuckles of my middle and index finger. That pain grew and grew until it was very difficult for me to bend my fingers and make a fist. I remembered the days before and after surgery that this plagued me. After no trace of anything like this for 4 years, it too was back.

I simply could NOT believe that any of this was happening. It certainly made me realize just how fragile our Emotional Body is and it also illustrated just how much we live in our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND rather than our CONSCIOUS MIND. My conscious mind was having a ball, but my subconscious mind remembered all of the pain and misery it went through in the past and it caused my body to respond in all the old familiar ways. I literally had no control over anything. Even now, 4 years after attaining what I considered “perfect health” I still was not strong enough to control my subconscious mind.

The point of this story is to never under-estimate the power of emotions on your health. You may not think anything about the situations you encounter on a daily basis, but everything is being recorded and stored. You carry those files around with you for the rest of your life and they will affect your future.

The story doesn’t end here. After I got back home I started to work on myself and that, of course, is another long story that I will soon share. Please stay tuned . . .