This is a continuation of my first article explaining my own personal journey back to wellness. It was a slow process of discovering each issue and then, thanks to all of my newly acquired knowledge in natural medicine, I was able to connect some very important dots. I now realize that all the small annoying health concerns that I’ve had for decades are all related and pointing to the same important conclusion. This was a profound Ah-ha moment that I need to share.

Our medical system with its severely segregated specialists doesn’t seem able to connect any dots. If you have pain in your foot, you see a podiatrist. If you have itchy ears you either see an allergist or an ear, nose, and throat doctor. If you’re having circulation problems, you see a cardiologist. If you suffering from low energy you see an internal medicine or general practitioner who will likely suggest that you see a psychologist. It’s no wonder people spend enormous amounts of time and money chasing answers and solutions to their problems. The sad truth is that our current system does not seem capable of producing either answers or solutions. Only a truly integrative medical professional sees the body as a whole unit.

So how do you know when you should be concerned with small seemingly non-related health issues? First off, anything that persists for more than six months is considered chronic and these things must become your priority. We all go through health challenges like colds, viruses, physical injuries, and emotional upset, but our bodies are designed to heal from them, mostly on their own. With enough rest and sometimes some extra supplemental support of nutrition, herbs, or even antibiotics our bodies should recover back to optimal health. There is no doubt that the older we get the harder this process becomes which is why so many people have multiple chronic issues that just start piling up.

The only way to fully fix a chronic problem is to determine and fix the root cause. I believe that it really all comes down to three basic things. If you are suffering from a chronic condition you:

  1. Have too much BAD in your system
  2. Do not have enough GOOD in your system
  3. Are not in sync with NATURE

Please stay tuned for more details on these three basic elements in an upcoming post.