I decided to make 2023 my “Year of Wellness” and I’m planning to document as much of my journey as possible in hopes that my experience may inspire or educate others with their own wellness goals.

Let me start off by saying that outwardly I appear to be the healthiest person I know. I have no chronic pain, I take no prescription drugs, I have no excess body fat, I have plenty of energy to exercise regularly, and I basically have no significant health complaints. I look like the ultimate picture of wellness. In fact, when I get my blood pressure checked, I always get complimented on my fitness level because my heart rate is very low. Over 10 years ago I started to question doctors about my very low heart rate. I asked them at what point can a heart rate be too low? I never got a straight answer and nobody seemed to care that my circulation was very poor and I often got dizzy and “grey out” when I stood up too fast. Despite my complaints about my low heart rate, no doctor was able to or even put the effort into, investigating it further.

So on the outside, yes, I do look like the picture of health. But on the inside, there are hidden truths starting to bubble up. I know this because with each year past the age of 50 new things started to crop up. My circulation problems got worse, my eyebrows and eyelashes started to significantly thin, and my strength and energy level noticeably dropped. The most notable sign of problems was a sudden onset of pain and stiffness in some of my finger joints. Am I really old enough for arthritis? This was a slap of post-50 reality. The pain in my fingers wasn’t really too bothersome and was very intermittent. It didn’t really hurt unless I was putting undue strain on them like mountain biking or driving my motorcycle. I didn’t put too much thought into it, and like most people, just chalked it up to an unavoidable inconvenience related to aging.

But then I woke up one day and realized that one toe on my left foot hurt. Not only did it hurt, but it was swollen. Unlike my fingers which were very mild and only hurt when they were being used in unusual ways, my toe ached nearly constantly and increased with every step and every shift of my body weight. This certainly got my attention, but again, I’m thinking it was just the normal aging process and that I needed to clean up my diet.

I was certainly right about my diet, but it wasn’t until I started taking courses to learn about the “Bioterrain” that I really started to put the pieces together. I took a Homotoxicology course in school where I learned about the progressive steps toward disease, but I don’t think I paid enough attention. Looking back now I see how very important that information was. Without getting too much into the details, I’m going to share with you a summary that one of my professors shared in a class. This is a very general overview of the six stages of the progression from health to serious illness. The most important thing to know about these stages is that you progress from one to the other in steps, and in both directions. You can not go from stage 5 to stage 2 directly. You must step backward through each stage and this is why sometimes when you’re trying to heal from one thing, it causes new problems to creep up as you move along your journey to wellness.

The Six Stages of Disease

I have my own interpretation of this information based on my own personal experience working with clients. I see the six stages very generally correlating to age groups. This is not taken from scientific research but rather my own personal observation.

  • STAGE 1 HAPPY CELLS: (under 20 years of age) – Perfectly healthy, not enough toxic build-up to cause any issues.
  • STAGE 2 INFLAMMATION: (20 – 30 years of age) – Toxic build-up is starting from poor diet, exposure to chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, etc., and is starting to cause chronic unexplained pain. Also, emotional stressors are starting to accumulate.
  • STAGE 3 ACCUMULATION: (30 – 40 years of age) – So many toxins built up that the lymphatic system gets clogged and compromised. The lymphatic system is the sewage system of the body and if it’s clogged, the amount of toxins build up much more rapidly. More negative emotional energy builds up.
  • STAGE 4 DEPOSITION: (40-50 years of age) – Now that the toxins are clogging the lymph system and it can’t eliminate them, the unwanted debris is starting to build in the tissues and organs. Kidney stones, gallstones, etc. More negative emotional energy builds up.
  • STAGE 5 DEGENERATION: (50 – 60 years of age) – At this point, we have some serious issues with the bones and joints. Osteoporosis and arthritis set in. The organs are starting to degenerate from toxic buildup. And the longer the life, the more negative emotions keep building.
  • STAGE 6 DEDIFFERENTIATION: (60+ years of age) This is where serious life-threatening diseases start if we don’t address the toxins.

Now I can’t explain why younger people, especially children, get cancer or other life-threatening diseases, but just know that you don’t just wake up one day with cancer or dementia. You must first step through all of these stages and not paying attention to and addressing these stages is a serious concern. As you can see by the stages, arthritis is Stage 5 and it sure did get my attention. Did I not notice going through the other stages? Yes, I noticed things not being ideal, but nothing was ‘so bad’ that I felt it needed medical attention. I had my share of pain and inflammation in my early days, to the point of needing surgeries, but I blamed sports injuries and stress. Stage 3 is sometimes harder to notice, but trust me, it’s an epidemic of how many people have clogged lymphatics. Using my Biowell GVD scans of clients I don’t think I have one client scan that is not showing lymphatic congestion.

By age 40 I started to notice some of the “signs of aging” that most women complain of. I started to gain a little bit of weight around my waist, I felt bloated more than not, I started to get dark circles under my eyes, and I developed varicose veins to name a few. Luckily I quickly learned that these are not “normal signs of aging” but rather they were signs of a suffering liver. I started to do yearly liver cleanses and I lost weight, my stomach went right back to being perfectly flat, and the dark circles improved. I still have a ways to go with organ regeneration, but now I have much more knowledge and many more tools and that is what this journey is all about.

And getting back to the symptom that really got my attention, the arthritis . . . interesting how it appeared just after I turned 50. I knew it was due to toxic build-up and I knew that I needed to clean up my diet. I did that right away, along with taking a product that I will explain more about soon. Within weeks the pain in my fingers completely subsided and the pain in my toe improved greatly. Not totally gone, but only hurts when my 120+ lb. dog steps on it. Should I be satisfied and content now that I’m mostly pain-free? Absolutely not. The pain is only the indicator that something much bigger is hidden below and in my case, I still have three stages to step back through to get back to healthy cells.

This is just painting the background picture. I am going to continue to share my experience of more serious things that I uncovered over the past year that led me to take this journey back to wellness. I hope my experience and my knowledge of natural medicine can help somebody out there to also make some important discoveries of their own. Please follow me as I share some important health and wellness tips that you won’t hear from your medical doctor.