sticking to New Years resolutions

Everybody could use a little extra help in sticking to their New Years’ resolutions. Whether you’re in need of some direction in life, or trying to break free from fears that might be holding you back, here are some Bach Flowers that can give you a little extra boost of confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation to start the year off right.


This remedy encourages strength of mind and helps you find and trust in your own inner wisdom. Stop doubting yourself, be more decisive and self-assured.


Clematis helps you to find concentration and stay focused on the task at hand. Combat dreaminess and find interest in daily tasks.


The Hornbeam Bach flower remedy helps you to be certain in your ability, and face the day ahead. Shake off that “Monday morning feeling,” cope with the demanding day ahead, and face whatever obstacles are on your schedule, without hesitation.


Larch will give you confidence in your abilities when faced with different challenges and situations. It’s like a boost of self-esteem which can be very helpful when you’re trying to improve something about yourself and stick to your New Years resolution. You can do it! And this essence will help you believe in yourself.


This remedy could help you to return to joy. Everyone faces occasional sudden gloomy feelings. When you are feeling down, bring joy back into your daily life.

Wild Rose

Wild Rose can help you find enthusiasm and a lively interest in life again. Reignite your passion for life, and find enthusiasm for the world in general, work, and those you care about. Take initiative, and make some changes.

Wild Oat

Wild Oat could help you to decide on the right path for your future. When you are uncertain of what you want in life and are faced with an important decision to make regarding your path. Find inner clarity.