I Own My World

Today I was sending an email to somebody from my personal gmail account when suddenly I became captivated by my own email address. Many many years ago when Gmail first came out I snagged myself the address of paulasworld. Now, at the time, I’m sure I could have grabbed my actual first and last name, but knowing that I was still single and likely to one day be married, I opted not to use my actual name. I’m not quite sure how or why I settled on “paulasworld” but it just felt right and I stuck with it for all these years.

Fast forward to today, after I wrote a recent article about how I can’t change the toxic negative world around me, but only my reaction to it . . . I realized that no matter what’s going on in the actual world, I have my own very private world that nobody can mess with or take away. MY WORLD aka “Paulasworld” is uniquely mine. It’s been built up from the sum total of all of my life experiences . . . all of the hundreds (if not thousands) of hours that I put into studying energy medicine and quantum physics, all of the books I’ve read, all of the time I spent meditating, all of the places that I’ve visited, all of the people that I’ve met, the life experiences that I have had, etc. My world is as unique as my fingerprint. Nobody can experience the same world that I do and everybody has their very own unique world – made up of all of their life experiences.

I found comfort in this thought. My world is MINE. I control it and I’m the ruler of it. I really try to embrace this idea during our current chaotic times. As much as I believe in a unified theory of energy – that everything in the Universe is connected – at this time I’m trying to think of myself as separate. I am separate from the negativity. I’m separate from the toxicity. I don’t subscribe to the mainstream propaganda and no matter what they come up with next and no matter what they tell me to do, I HAVE THE CHOICE to follow my own heart and live in my own world. Even if I can’t leave my house and participate in society they can’t take away my inner world, my knowledge, and my happiness. Namaste.