In my last post, I talked about my shocking foot pain discovery and I wanted to document my progress in trying to fix it. It’s been just over a week and here are the things that I’ve been doing to treat the foot pain.


First and foremost . . . I set the firm intention that I would fix my foot and I even gave myself a time limit in which to do so.  The very first step in making any change in your life is deciding exactly what you want to change and then believing that you can do it. I promised my husband that my foot would be fixed by the time I got home so as to not impact our daily hikes. This timeframe was important to me and I made up my mind that I could do it.

Pranic Healing

The next thing I did was schedule a live Pranic Healing session. Since I knew that this ‘physical’ issue was rooted in emotions I felt that a Pranic Psychotherapy session would be the most powerful. At the start of my appointment, my healer was questioning the name of the foot problem and I didn’t even want to go there. Pranic healers have an extensive library of protocols to help just about every physical ailment there is, but this was NOT the approach I wanted to take. To me, this was very “Western Medicine” – to treat the actual foot. I wanted to treat the underlying cause for the lump in my foot. Since I had such a crystal clear idea of what was driving the problem I was able to explain what emotions I needed to be taken out and, more importantly, what notions I needed to re-program my mind with. In addition to this psychological repatterning, we also cleared out the stuck energy from my foot chakra . . . and there was a ton of congested energy there. Remember folks, pain = stuck and congested energy. When energy is not flowing and building up – pain results.

Biofield Tuning – Tuning forks

I was able to test my own chakras and biofield before my Pranic session and I could see how “stuck” the energy was around my left foot. After the Pranic session the energy was happily flowing and very healthy. However, it only lasted 2 days. By the end of day 2 after my treatment, I noticed the energy was blocked again. This was a great learning experience for me because I realized how important it is to see how long the balancing measures hold. Luckily I had a couple of tuning forks with me and I did a couple of sessions to try to continue to break up the stuck energy around my foot. I also used Pranic healing to continue to clear out the energy from my left foot chakra. I was diligent about checking daily to see if I was maintaining the open energy flow.


Since I knew exactly what emotions were causing the pain I did some guided meditations specifically for “letting go of all that no longer serves me.” And I also incorporated new affirmations into my day to reaffirm my convictions.

Essential Oils

I just recently completed a university course on Essential Oils and to say I’m now addicted would be an understatement. I brought some oils with me to Mexico and bought a large collection while I here so I was able to test many different oils to see which ones would be best to help this situation. Some day I will explain how I can “test” to see which oils were best, but for now just know that I can, not only determine which oils would make a positive impact on the issue but exactly which oil would be the MOST beneficial. In this case, I had a lavender blend that tested the most beneficial so I applied 3-4 times a day directly to the lump on my foot.


Another subject that I need to fully explain someday. There is a lot to it and extremely hard to describe briefly, but on the subject of “testing energies,” I have a large inventory of special “shapes” that help the human body resonate with healthy frequencies. When any part of your body falls out of a healthy frequency I can detect that and apply the precise resonance for that particular body part. I have about 8 different shapes for the foot and my body constantly needed one particular shape. It seemed no matter how many times I treated it, 10 minutes later it needed more. Not only was it hungry for this “foot” shape, but it also strongly needed a particular “skin” shape and that shape  was specifically for ‘cysts.” I consistently added these shapes into my energy field all day long for a couple of weeks.

I am thrilled to report that exactly one week from my first Pranic treatment the pain in my foot was almost completely gone. There is still a lump on my foot. It got much smaller, but it hasn’t completely vanished. If I push directly on it, there is still a little bit of soreness but nothing compared to what it was. I am extremely pleased with the results.

Now you may be wondering . . . which of these many treatments was the magical one that helped the situation? I too wonder if only one of them would have been able to fix it. It’s going to take me many years of research in order to answer that question and I may never know because why not use all the tools in my toolbox? This has taught me that to best treat any situation I need to combine and use all of my skills, knowledge, and tools . . . and believe me, I have lots!  The more tools we have the better the chances of success.

I would like to also take this opportunity to mention that Western medicine isn’t off the table for me. I like to point out all the situations where I personally feel that it fails at truly healing, but please know that there is a time and place for everything. A true integrative approach to medicine is knowing when to use what treatments. If you’re having a heart attack or suffered major trauma to the flesh or bone, energy medicine is not where you should turn!  And along these lines, if you have some sort of infection I wouldn’t hesitate to take antibiotics. Just know that the bypass heart surgery may have saved your life, but it doesn’t solve the underlying problem that caused the heart attack in the first place. If you don’t change your lifestyle, you will likely suffer another. Regarding a serious accident, there may have been some emotional conflict in your energy field that caused it. And overusing antibiotics is only going to cause you other chronic health conditions in the future. Medicine and health require a delicate balance. Make your decisions wisely knowing that everything has consequences. Taking drugs has consequences, as does refusing Western medicine treatment when it’s essential.