barefoot on beach(Please note this article was written in February 2021, during the height of the pandemic.)

The incredible connection between mind and body never ceases to amaze me. I have a personal story that will illustrate this connection so well. I’ve been on my yearly sabbatical in Mexico for approximately four weeks. Within a couple of days of arriving, I noticed some soreness in my left foot. As the days progressed it got worse and worse and the soreness transitioned to downright pain. I couldn’t flex my toes and the top of my foot felt as though a bowling ball got dropped on it. I blamed the uneven terrain of walking on the beach. I don’t often walk barefoot and the slope of the land where the water meets the sand had to cause the issue since it started right after I started walking barefoot on the beach.

It was easy to decide upon this as the cause of the problem, but the fact that I come to this same beach every year and take the same long barefoot walks every day during my extended stay was certainly casting some doubt in my mind. Why this year is my foot giving me issues? Using the logic of modern Western medicine I could conjure up all sorts of reasons, the biggest one being, “I must be getting old.” Unfortunately, this is the conclusion that most people draw when they can’t find a logical reason for a new physical pain.

I continued to hobble along on the beach just thankful that I was far from home and nobody that I knew would see me. After all, I pride myself on being in tip-top-perfect health. And when and if I do get knocked off balance, I better recover quickly – just to prove I can!

By the end of the second week, the pain on the top of my foot started to improve, but sadly this was just as a new pain on the bottom of my foot started to crank up. Now the pain was in the arch of my foot and once again, walking on the fluffy sand aggravated it. The uneven sand pushed against the arch and once again, I’m hobbling. Now I’m really getting curious so I start looking at my foot and notice a hard lump under the surface of the skin. This sent me to Google to investigate what it might be. And of course, Google had all the useless answers one could ever want. Here’s what I learned . . .

Foot Pain Caused by Plantar Fibroma

I had a case of Plantar Fibroma. They couldn’t exactly tell me WHY I had it but here are their best guesses.

“Certain medications and supplements may encourage the growth of excess collagen and fibrous tissue, but this hasn’t been proven. These include: certain beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure, anti-seizure medications, vitamin C, glucosamine You may also be more likely to develop plantar fibroma if you have: chronic liver disease, diabetes, seizure disorders”

Absolutely none of that applied to me so I moved on to “let’s just fix it.” This is what the recommended solutions were:

“Treatment with steroid injections, physical therapy, gels, orthotics, or surgery may provide short-term or long-term relief. However, growths may recur if you’re predisposed to plantar fibromas.”

“If you’re predisposed to plantar fibromas” is Western Medicine’s way of saying, “We know all of these treatment options are NOT really going to solve the underlying cause of your problem, but here are some temporary band-aids that you can try.”

So there went 5 wasted minutes out of my life. Then, two days later I was reading a new book called, “Electric Body, Electric Health” by Eileen McKusick (the Biofield Tuning creator), and my MIND WAS BLOWN!

Before I tell you what I learned, I first need to give you some background on who I am and what I stand for. Please know that:

  • I fully believe that nothing is stronger than a healthy human immune system.
  • I fully believe that my healthy body is far better equipped at keeping me healthy over any foreign untested chemical agents.
  • I fully believe that if something isn’t broken you shouldn’t meddle with trying to fix it.
  • I fully believe that every human on this planet should 100% have the right to make their own decisions about what gets put into their bodies.
  • I fully believe that no human being on this earth should ever be forced to put something into their bodies completely against their will. That is a CRIMINAL ACT!
  • I fully believe that everything that involves MY health should be MY choice and nobody should be discriminated against or punished for their health decisions.

I can go on, but I think you get the picture of who I am and why I might be struggling in the new world order. So without any further ado, this is what I learned about pain specifically in the LEFT foot . . .

These are notes taken out of Eileen’s book.

What Does Pain in the Left Foot Represent?

  • The need to step away from the situations in our lives that aren’t working for us.
  • The left foot speaks to our ability to walk away from toxic or unproductive people, places, or circumstances.
  • The energy field around the left foot gets very charged up when we are stuck in toxic situations.
  • When we want to pull away from something that is toxic or stressful, but we feel trapped, the energy gets frozen and sequestered around the left foot.
  • There is a feeling of being imprisoned in an uncomfortable or unhealthy situation.

And there you have it. THIS is why traditional Western medicine fails at getting to the true cause of physical problems. They are almost always rooted in emotional distress. When allopathic Western medicine recognizes and fully embraces the mind/body connection, they might have a chance at catching up to Energy Medicine and be able to actually heal. Now that I know what needs attention I must figure out how to fix myself. I obviously can’t change the negative toxic world around me, but I CAN change how I react to it and that is exactly what I’m going to do!

If you would like to download my short PDF Symptom Decoder it will give you a cheat sheet of some of the common connections between physical ailments and their associated emotional connection. The guide is free. The information is priceless.