I’ve been away in Mexico for over 4 weeks now and it’s given me a fresh new perspective. Nothing can clear my head more than sunlight, salty air, and a touch of freedom and normalcy.  This past month has been an extremely refreshing break from the current world crisis. I have almost completely forgotten about it and I feel 100 pounds emotionally lighter. With zero exposure to so-called “news” and no exposure to people talking about the “news” you almost forget there’s a problem to begin with. I think what people forget is that unless they are sick, unemployed, or somehow actually affected by any adverse external thing, their only true problem is self-created in the mind.

The timing to take my current course “Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity” couldn’t have worked out better. Because I’m taking the course while being here in Mexico it really drilled home some important points. I’m not just reading books and listening to lectures, I’m living the truths of the teaching and I’m finding it remarkable. The bottom line most important thing to know is that . . .

Your personality = your personal reality

And what shapes your personality or personal reality? Your beliefs. Whatever you believe becomes who you are and forms the world around you. Your external world is nothing more than a mirror of your internal beliefs. If you think the world is a scary dangerous place, then that is exactly what it is. Now there’s a lot more painstaking science to all this, but I want to share 3 of the simplest slides that I’ve run across so far that tell the entire story. These slides came directly from a course taught by my favorite expert in the field of Neuroscience, Dr. Joe Dispenza – the man I credit for helping me to completely transform my own life! It is an honor and privilege to now be learning directly from him.

I was thinking about what I’ve been learning in his course during a recent morning walk. I was watching young children running around playing on the street. They were happy and laughing and certainly not worrying about the current crisis. They weren’t worrying that nobody on the street was wearing a mask. They were in their own little world where the only things that mattered were fun and games. Then I observed some local dogs basking in the sun on a lazy Sunday morning – not a single care in the world. I thought to myself, “The animals have no idea that the whole world has changed. They have no idea there’s a terrible threat lurking around every corner and every unmasked person is out to get them.” The concept of “personal reality” really started to become clear.

Next, my mind darted to a recent reunion with friends from the US. They just happened to be here in Mexico and my husband and I got together with them to catch up. This was the first time my friend ever visited Mexico and she was very leery about the idea. After all, she heard way too many bad stories on the news about how dangerous Mexico is. This made me think that if anybody only heard stories about how many people were mugged and/or murdered in places like Detroit and Chicago daily and this is all they knew about the US, how likely would they want to visit the US? Their reality of the entire country would be based on the beliefs they formed from watching negative news. The “news” isn’t going to tell you about the crystal clear turquoise ocean, the powdery white sand, the amazing food, the perfect winter climate, or the incredibly kind, friendly, and hardworking people that represent the vast majority of the population. It’s the job of the “news” to only tell you about the drug lords, corruption, and killings. I just wish that people could understand that if they let their reality be dictated by the “news” they are DOOMED. Doomed to miss out on the beauty that life has to offer. You can stay home and not go to Mexico because you “heard” that it’s unsafe. You can also stop flying, stop driving, and stop crossing the street for that matter . . . but you will surely miss out on what life has to offer.

I went off on a tangent there. The point that I want to drive home is that constant exposure to negativity forms a negative world view that in turn creates constant negative emotions. What you predominantly think about dictates the feelings that you feel. And the feelings that you feel drive your behaviors and actions.

And not only that, but it also causes constant stress, which causes illness. I used to wonder all sorts of things about the people that got serious cases of Covid. I wondered about other underlying conditions, what blood type they had, what prescriptions they were on, etc. But now, the biggest question I have regarding their situation is this . . .

“How happy were they when they got sick?” Or “How scared and stressed were they?” “How much news did they watch daily?”

I want to share a piece of a video that was part of my recent “Foundations of Integrative Medicine” course. This is an incredible story told by an MD doctor that gave it all up when she realized that modern medicine was not about healing. She tells a story about how a small Italian community defied all the odds to remain healthy by retaining their sense of community and social connection. This is not related to our current pandemic at all, but it is impossible not to draw some parallels. Watch it and come to your own conclusions. The video will begin right at the start of this story, but feel free to rewind and watch the entire thing.


From all of my studies and personal life experience, I can confidently theorize that Happiness = Health. The happier and more grateful you are, the less likely you are to get sick. And you know what will NEVER make you happy? Watching the news! If you only knew the true side effects of stress and fear, it would become astonishingly clear that safeguarding your health is not a priority of the powers that be. It never was and it never will be. There has never been a time when taking control over your own health has been more important.

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