Finding My Spirit Animal


I realize that title seems a little far out there for many people, and I got to admit, it’s not something that I ever thought about or even sought out. I’ve just been trying to find things to amuse myself during my solo stay in Mexico and turned to Airbnb experiences. This particular one caught [...]

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Energy Tracking is Life Changing


photo courtesy of There are no greater lessons than the ones that I learn from my own body. Energy tracking my own energy is something that I take very seriously. I am so grateful for my ability to do so and consider it one of my most valuable tools and assets in this life. [...]

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Blurring the Lines – Free Download


I am thrilled to share my first photography art book entitled "Blurring the Lines" where I explore the fine line between reality and fantasy. This book combines my two loves: photography and energy medicine. Knowing that everything in this Universe (including our bodies) is made up of energy and that energy can be manipulated gave me [...]

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