I’m jumping back to my own personal journey to wellness for this article. As I mentioned in my last post, I personally have all five of the terrible “cancer triggers.” That doesn’t mean I’m going to panic and resolve to the inevitable. I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m taking action by taking charge of my health and choosing the outcome that I desire. There are endless possibilities in quantum physics that we get to choose from. Nothing is set in stone and everything is possible.

Where I Started My Journey to Wellness

Let’s go back to the list that I presented in my last post of the 5 deadly triggers:

  1. malfunction of the thyroid
  2. dental infections
  3. toxin overload
  4. negative emotional energy overload
  5. scars/tattoos (especially on the center line of the body, i.e. back surgery)

I decided to start at the top of the list and consult with my bioenergetic doctor/mentor to discuss the obvious problems with my thyroid. My entire life I have struggled with assumed thyroid issues and had my thyroid checked in the past. The thyroid is a very tricky bugger because it almost always comes back normal in medical tests, but there are so many factors that I’m not going to get into here that cause issues with the thyroid.

My biggest sign of weakness was my never-ending inability to keep my body warm. This has been a lifetime struggle for me and I’ve grown very accustomed to shivering as my normal state. But upon turning 53, for the first time in my life, I experienced what I didn’t think was possible for me – hot flashes! For the past year I would experience hot flashes throughout the day, but mostly at night making sleeping very difficult. I know that this is normal for women my age and didn’t think much about it. But at this time I also noticed that my eyelashes were falling out and, along with my eyebrows, getting very thin. This is a very big sign that the thyroid is suffering.

Using Quantum Biofeedback, the doctor took a look at several different parameters including my brain anatomy, neurotransmitters, hormones, mineral levels, and many other indicators. Without hesitation, she connected so many dots so quickly that my head spun. Her ultimate bottom line was that my pituitary gland was being poisoned with heavy metals. The pituitary gland controls the thyroid and the thyroid is crucially important to so many other bodily functions. She was able to tell this based on which minerals I was severely lacking, what parts of my brain were suffering, etc. Like always, it’s most important to get to the reason behind why something is not functioning properly. So rather than try to treat my thyroid with medications or any other thyroid-specific remedy, I opted to treat my pituitary gland.

How I Treated My Pituitary Gland

My Quantum Biofeedback voice analysis results pointed to many different problems including a parasite infestation and festering infections, but the doctor was quite adamant about the need to remove the heavy metals, especially from my mouth, as my #1 priority. This launched me into months of research into removing the metal (amalgam) fillings from my mouth. I have a lot of information regarding this topic that I will try to share in future articles, but for now, I’m just going to continue with my personal story.

It took me several months to finally get the work done and I took it very seriously. My only advice to you right now is . . . if you are interested in getting the metal fillings out of your mouth, DO NOT enter this lightly, and DO NOT let your normal (non-biological) dentist do this work! Please seek out a Biological Dentist. I can not emphasize this enough. I did lots of research, consulted with many different dentists, had a special consult with a professional coach trained in holistic biological dentistry, and entered into a high-powered 4-month detox program before and after the dental work. I will share all of this eventually so please stay tuned.

In my next post, I will begin to share my heavy metal detox experience.