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10 Empowering Ideas to Celebrate Self-Love Every Day


February is a good month to talk about love - self-love. This is a topic that so many of us struggle with (me included) and it is vitally important for our overall health. We must love and care for ourselves first in order to love and care for anybody else. It may seem selfish but [...]

10 Empowering Ideas to Celebrate Self-Love Every Day2024-02-15T14:48:12+00:00

Spring is the Time to Detox the Wood Element


Spring is the glorious time of the Wood element in Chinese Medicine and it is critically important for optimal health. The Wood element is made up of the Liver and the Gallbladder and it is the bridge to absorbing the outside world (the food and nutrients you take in) and assimilating them into the body [...]

Spring is the Time to Detox the Wood Element2024-02-16T14:34:41+00:00

Why Are Heavy Metals Such a Problem?


It's important to explain why addressing heavy metals is so important if you are trying to achieve better overall health and wellness. Heavy metal toxicity is an accumulation of heavy metals in the body that can contribute to many chronic degenerative conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson's disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis. [...]

Why Are Heavy Metals Such a Problem?2023-04-01T13:23:37+00:00

The Next Steps on My Journey To Wellness


I'm jumping back to my own personal journey to wellness for this article. As I mentioned in my last post, I personally have all five of the terrible "cancer triggers." That doesn't mean I'm going to panic and resolve to the inevitable. I'm doing the exact opposite. I'm taking action by taking charge of my [...]

The Next Steps on My Journey To Wellness2023-03-10T16:52:58+00:00

The Very Root Cause of All Chronic Conditions


In a recent post, I eluded to the fact that all chronic conditions are caused by three very simple foundational root issues. Too much BAD in your system Not enough GOOD in your system Not being in sync with NATURE Although it sounds very simple, it can be quite a challenge to uncover the elements [...]

The Very Root Cause of All Chronic Conditions2023-03-03T16:36:58+00:00

Journey To Wellness Part 2


This is a continuation of my first article explaining my own personal journey back to wellness. It was a slow process of discovering each issue and then, thanks to all of my newly acquired knowledge in natural medicine, I was able to connect some very important dots. I now realize that all the small annoying [...]

Journey To Wellness Part 22023-02-16T16:11:30+00:00

My Own Personal Journey To Wellness


I decided to make 2023 my "Year of Wellness" and I'm planning to document as much of my journey as possible in hopes that my experience may inspire or educate others with their own wellness goals. Let me start off by saying that outwardly I appear to be the healthiest person I know. I have [...]

My Own Personal Journey To Wellness2023-02-16T15:09:00+00:00

Bach Flowers to Start the New Year Strong


Everybody could use a little extra help in sticking to their New Years' resolutions. Whether you're in need of some direction in life, or trying to break free from fears that might be holding you back, here are some Bach Flowers that can give you a little extra boost of confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation to [...]

Bach Flowers to Start the New Year Strong2024-01-09T00:29:10+00:00

How to Stay Balanced in the Springtime


We all welcome spring – some of us northerners more so than others. What's there not to love about spring? But did you know that you are more likely to experience intense feelings of irritability, sometimes accompanied by anxiety and depression during the spring? This is because Spring is the time when energy is building [...]

How to Stay Balanced in the Springtime2022-03-23T17:53:47+00:00

How to Sense and Remove Negative Energy


A repost from Discover Healing   What is Negative Energy? Negative energy is essentially what it sounds like. Your body has a natural energy rhythm and when your chakras are aligned, energy flows freely and directly throughout your body. When the energy in your body is negative, though, the flow of energy is not only [...]

How to Sense and Remove Negative Energy2022-03-03T23:44:37+00:00
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