The Reality of Heavy Metals in Our Foodheavy metals in our food

Imagine a bowl of yummy strawberries, a picture of summer’s sweetness. Now, imagine them tainted, not with soil or pesticide, but with heavy metals like lead and cadmium. A recent study examining 370 samples of our favorite fruits and vegetables, including root crops and berries, revealed that about ⅓ of these foods contain dangerous contaminants, with strawberries topping the list!

The concerns about heavy metal exposure extend far beyond our food. Every day, we encounter lead from sources like household paint, drinking water, and even the spices we use without a second thought. Research has shown that even spices from well-known brands contain high levels of lead, only surpassed by lead-based paint in contributing to lead poisoning.

Our environment is overloaded with over 70,000 chemicals, many of which have not been adequately tested for safety. Now, I’m not suggesting that you stop eating strawberries. What kind of life would that be??? However, there’s a great solution to enjoying your favorite fruits while also protecting yourself from heavy metals and that is a natural volcanic mineral called clinoptilolite zeolite.

A dedicated biochemist has refined this mineral into tiny particles that can flow through our blood and attract harmful metals and toxins to it. It then ushers those toxins out of the body through our natural exit paths.

After seven years of product formulation and ten years of testing, this invention and discovery were put to use, both as an adjunct to chemotherapy treatments, as well as directly to consumers. Over 14 clinical studies performed on this micronized and activated colloidal suspension of zeolite have proven its efficacy and safety in decreasing heavy metals and toxins in the body due to chronic exposure.

This product is called Cell Defender and it just happens to be my personal favorite. I think it’s one of the most important items in my daily wellness routine because we simply cannot escape all the toxins being thrown at us on a daily basis. So I’m going to enjoy my strawberries this summer knowing that I’m doing my best to guard myself from the hidden threats.

To learn more about Cell Defender, just click on the video below.

In a time when our current healthcare focuses more on treating symptoms than preventing problems, this zeolite product offers a way to be pre-emptive and cleanse our bodies of the dangerous toxins before they lead to disease.

The cleaner your cells, the better your health!