barefoot grounding

Today I would like to talk about something powerful yet incredibly simple: GROUNDING. Imagine that just by letting your bare skin meet the earth – the grass, sand, or the soil beneath you – you can tap into a natural energy boost that’s been beneath your feet all along. It’s all about reconnecting with our planet’s surface to soak up its electrons, which surprisingly helps to energize and stabilize our bodies. Think of it as returning to your roots, quite literally, to the state your ancestors thrived in.

In today’s world, we’re missing out on this natural connection. Our lives are mostly spent indoors, surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that emit a constant barrage of electromagnetic fields, leaving us positively charged – and not in a good way. We should actually have a negative charge at our feet! And, for the most part, even when we do break out of our home or office and step outside, our feet are usually cocooned in rubber-soled shoes that insulate us from the earth’s healing energy.

The secret is to try to touch the earth barefoot as this can work wonders. It’s like absorbing a vitamin directly from the ground, bringing a host of health benefits. This simple act can help balance your nervous system, boost oxygen flow to your cells, and even reduce inflammation. Imagine it as nature’s own anti-aging and antioxidant therapy. Research from the Earthing Institute backs this up, showing improvements in energy levels, mood, sleep quality, and even wound healing.

You might be surprised to learn many of us suffer from what’s called “electron deficiency syndrome.” Yes, it sounds technical, but it essentially means that we need more of the earth’s negative charge. The fix? Get grounding in your daily life. Walk barefoot on the grass, dig your hands into garden soil, swim in the ocean, or simply sit on the ground. There are many different products that you can buy to help you ground including shoes, inserts, foot bands, mattress pads, chair pads, mats, etc. These products are designed to keep you connected to the earth’s energy. I personally use a mattress pad, a chair pad, and foot bands from

Staying hydrated and adding natural salts to your diet can also enhance the flow of these beneficial electrons through your body. For an extra boost, you can try using frequencies in the form of sound healing and a NES Health “Feel Good” product called “Polarity.”

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Incorporating grounding into your life is an easy, yet profound way to reclaim a piece of nature’s wellness protocol. So, why not kick off your shoes and give it a try? The ground beneath us holds more power than you will ever realize.

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