Earth's axes

Did you know that there are three key axes of Earth’s grand energy field? They are the vertical, equatorial, and magnetic polar axes. These invisible lines of force crisscross through our body, intersecting near the heart. It’s no coincidence that the heart, with its potent electromagnetic field, is a master communicator within our body, relaying vital information between the brain and our cellular structure.

Just imagine the planet as a giant, pulsating field of energy, with its own set of rhythms and flows. It’s fascinating to consider how we align with these powerful Earth forces. Our cells are incredibly attuned to their surroundings. They act as both receivers and transmitters of environmental cues. Our cells resonate not just with their immediate surroundings but also with the energies emanating from Earth.

What Happens When Our Alignment With the Earth’s Axes Gets Disrupted?

Misalignment with Earth’s fields might leave you feeling out of sorts, as if you’re not quite “in” your body. It’s a sensation that can be triggered by major life changes, like moving to a new country or home, or even shifts in your work or personal relationships. This energetic dissonance can manifest in various ways: a sense of being ungrounded, difficulty focusing, scattered thoughts, quick to frustration, and fluctuating emotions. In some cases, restoring your connection to the Earth’s fields becomes crucial, not just for your physical health, but for your mental and emotional grounding.

So, if you’ve been feeling a little off-kilter, consider this a gentle nudge to reconnect with the Earth’s powerful energies. It’s about finding your footing in a world that’s constantly moving and aligning yourself with the natural forces that surround you. After all, we’re all part of this beautiful planetary symphony.

These kinds of alignment issues were less of a problem hundreds of years ago when people spent their time within a localized region, were in direct contact with the soil, and traveled slowly by horse and buggy rather than highspeed jets. Today’s high-speed, high-rise, high-energy society is bathed in artificial sound, light, and magnetic influences, coupled with a chemically toxic environment. Our fast-paced lives give the body little time to rest, realign itself, and regain its natural harmony with the Earth. The result is that we are frequently misaligned. It is much easier for the body to be healthy when alignment is restored.

Have You Been Feeling Out Of Sorts?

If so, here are some things you can consider trying:

  • Grounding exercises & products
  • Feng Shui your home
  • Reduce the EMFs in your house
  • Keep well-hydrated
  • Turn off the TV, move away from the phone at night
  • Yoga –  Tree Pose & Savasana Pose
  • Qigong
  • Standing barefooted on the earth and raising and lowering your heels, this pumps the energy up through the Kidney “Gushing Spring” point, bringing energy and vitality to the body


Would Like To Know If You Are in Alignment With the Earth’s Axes?

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