I am going to share with you what I believe is the ultimate underlying cause of all illness. Are you ready?

You may be ready and eager to hear what exactly causes our bodies to fail, but first, you need to firmly grasp the concept that we are made of energy. We ARE energy and that is ALL we are. All things that appear to be solid matter are actually constantly vibrating frequencies of energy. Everything may be vibrating at different rates and frequencies, but everything in the Universe is just vibrating energy. If you understand that concept, then you’re ready to read on . . .

When you can grasp that we are made of energy it’s easier to understand that we are “electrical” beings. I introduced this concept when I spoke about the importance of “grounding.” Because we are electrical beings, we (like all electrical appliances) need to be grounded. Now let’s continue on this idea to explore what else we need.

In addition to proper grounding, we need to be able to “charge our batteries.” Every single day we wake up with a certain amount of energy and, as the day goes on, we gradually lose our energy. Everybody knows what it feels like to be drained so this concept should not be too hard to relate to. We need to have enough “voltage” to charge these batteries. The more voltage our bodies have, the more easily and powerfully the chi/prana can move throughout our body and the easier it is to recharge our batteries. The common denominator to all chronic health conditions is simply low voltage. Think of yourself like a lightbulb. What wattage do you think you normally run? The higher the wattage, the less likely you will be to succumb to chronic disease.

You may be thinking this is too simplistic and not helpful to understanding how to remain healthy, but please read on as I explain in more detail.

The human body is designed to maintain an optimum voltage of roughly -50 millivolts. Our cells can function optimally with a cell voltage of -25, but when cells become distressed in any way, they need the body’s voltage to be at the optimum level of -50 mV in order to regenerate and heal. When our voltage drops too low, we risk cell damage. If something goes wrong with our cells and we cannot regenerate them, then slowly more and more cells become damaged and in some cases (ie, cancer) those diseased cells start multiplying out of control. But when we have proper voltage, we can regenerate any diseased or damaged cells back to normal and natural healing can occur.

So bottom line . . .
Diseases occur when we are in a low voltage state and our cells can not regenerate. Keeping our energy bodies strong and healthy is truly the key to optimal health!

From “Healing is Voltage” by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PScD

Please note in the above chart where “Change of Polarity” shows up and refer to my article “Why is my body’s polarity flipped?” Having your polarity flipped isn’t something that shows up on a normal medical test. There is no outward symptom of it other than feeling tired and fatigued, but I hope this article helped to connect the dots and illustrate how very dangerous it is. I am now experimenting with being able to test people’s voltage level (remotely/at a distance) and I’m planning to add this to my list of services soon.

I will continue to share information on how to keep our batteries charged, our voltage up, and our cells nourished. These, my friends, are more powerful tools for maintaining proper health than any pill you can ever pop or needle you can ever get poked with.

Stay tuned for the next blog posts when I will share my next Wellness Wednesday Personal Wellness tool. This tool literally nourishes your cells. Now that you understand exactly how important it is to regenerate our cells I’m hoping that my super special little tool is even more interesting.