This article should really be titled “Foundations of Integrative Medicine” because it’s based directly on the current course I’m taking with the same title.  I want to share some of my notes because this is a very interesting way of looking at our medical system.

“We should not be working against disease. We should be working toward health!”

The chart above represents our progression from a state of health, through disease, and then ultimately to death. The orange circle labeled “organic” simply means that a person is in a state of disease that can be diagnosed by Western allopathic medicine. So here is the typical process . . . a person moves from a state of “health” to a state of “alarm.” This is when something changes in the body to create some kind of concern, be it pain, a change of bodily function, a visible growth, etc. This is the point that most people seek treatment from a doctor. The doctor’s job is to run tests and come up with a diagnosis in order to treat the patient. If the person receives a diagnosis (meaning the doctor can identify a known disease), the person progresses to the orange “organic” circle and that is where they can receive some form of treatment. If, however, there is no clear diagnosis the doctor will likely give the patient something to manage the symptoms and tell them to come back if (or when) things progress. Now the person moves from the green “Alarm” dot to the middle dots which are called the “healthy functional adaptation phase.” These people do not feel well, are suffering from various chronic issues like pain, digestive issues, sleep problems, mental problems, the list goes on, but they are living with it and managing. This “functionally sick” group represents 75% of our society here in this country! Only 5% have an actual diagnosable and treatable disease and 20% are in the “healthy” or the “alarm” state.

Patients that don’t get a diagnosis are moved into the adaptation phase hoping to return to health, yet they very rarely do because our medical system has no solutions for them. These patients are just waiting to move into the “disease/organic” state so that they can get some medical treatment that may fix the actual cause of the problem. Remember, in the “healthy functional adaptation phase” only symptoms are being suppressed. Without a precise diagnosis of a disease, the doctors can’t actually “treat” the problem.

The goal of the University that I’m attending is to completely change this medical model. The founders of this school feel that society is “paying the price” for the general lack of education given in medical schools. The full picture of the human body and how it truly works is not taught in traditional medical schools. Medicine is only taught from a materialistic Darwinian and Newtonian platform.

The goal of Quantum Medicine is to be able to move people from sickness back to health, rather than wait for them to progress to a diagnosable disease in order to help them. We want to “move toward health” instead of “running away from disease.”

I can’t help but think about our current worldwide situation where the only focus seems to be on running away from the virus. This is the way our medical system operates and has been programmed into each and every one of us. So much focus on escaping from the virus, when in reality, that is impossible. We can not continue to hide from it and also live our lives. We need to refocus our attention on taking charge of our own health – doing all the right things to build our immunity and make ourselves so strong that we can face whatever nature throws at us. If more focus was put on health itself rather than illness maybe 75% of society wouldn’t be sick. It’s so easy to blame a million different things on why the virus is out of control . . . it’s because not everybody wears masks, it’s because people are still socially gathering, it’s because schools and restaurants are still open. We can come up with endless reasons why the virus is spreading, but the reality is . . .

The reason so many people got sick is because so many people were sick to begin with.

IT IS TIME to change our medical system from “sickcare” to “healthcare” and I am so proud to be a part of this movement!

The video below is by one of my idols, Dr. Bruce Lipton. In it, he explains why Energy Medicine is profoundly more powerful than allopathic medicine. Please give it a watch. It’s only about 5 minutes long.

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