Last month I completed my first Anatomy and Physiology course on my journey to the PhD program. I have to admit, it nearly broke me. I could not believe how difficult I found it. My textbook is over 1,400 pages and 20% of the words that fill those pages are unknown medical terms that I can’t pronounce nor remember. I had to laugh at the fact that I sailed through Quantum Physics only to be brought down by Anatomy 101. I have 6 more Anatomy classes to take, which means I have another 600 exam questions to get through. Yikes.

But what this class did make me realize is how truly unbelievable the human body is. When you learn every single little thing that goes on under the skin to allow us to perform all the functions that we do, you realize how very complex and intricate our bodies are. For instance, you would be amazed by all the things that are required just to pick up a finger and scratch your nose . . . from the signals of the brain and nerves, right down to the chain of command in the cells. Just for fun, you can check out this video to learn all about how our muscles work

I can’t help but marvel at this miraculous creation of nature that is our human bodies. What I also can’t help but marvel about is the concept that we humans think that we can do better than the ultimate intelligent source that created us. With all of our knowledge and technology of the current day, we can’t even come close to figuring out how ancient structures were built, let alone reconstruct them. But somehow we think we can run the human body better and more efficiently than the way it was created by Nature (God, the Universe, the Source, whatever you want to call it). This boggles my mind.

I do understand and accept the idea that many human bodies have been compromised by many things including unhealthy lifestyles, prolonged exposure to toxins and stress, and a host of other things that can damage our perfect systems. In these cases, it is understandable that these bodies may need some outside help to maintain an optimal state of health. But at the same time, nothing . . . and I truly believe that NOTHING can compare to a healthy properly functioning human body. It is simply a masterpiece that can not be reproduced nor improved upon. And because of this I just don’t understand why it’s a good idea for perfectly healthy individuals to inject themselves with unknown poisons that will alter the normal functioning of the human body. Please read this understanding that I am expressing my own personal feelings. I am in no way suggesting that anybody should go against their doctors’ orders or their own gut instinct about what is best for them.

What I am suggesting however is that medicine should never EVER be a one-size-fits-all solution. It is beyond my comprehension how it can even be suggested that one solution could possibly benefit every single person across the board without taking into consideration the unique and special circumstances that any given human body presents.

What I am also suggesting is that you enter into the medical decisions that you must soon face with as much thought, knowledge, and consideration as humanly possible. I feel that it just may be the most important decision you will make in this lifetime!

Here are some insights from two guys that I admire greatly. Nothing like some Indian perspective to wipe the lens clear. Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru discuss their feelings on the “v word” and what truly causes and prevents infection.

In the above video, Deepak and Sadhguru talk about the importance of the gut biome and I wanted to slip in another personal tool in my own immunity toolbox. I have been using a product created by Dr. Zack Bush for the past 7 months and I feel strongly that it (or other products like it) are a necessary addition to your daily vitamin and supplement regime. Here’s a link to the product that I use daily. And let me remind you (as always) that I gain nothing by you looking or buying!)