This condition of having body polarity flipped seems to be getting more and more common. Years ago, in energy medicine school, I remember the instructors (folks that have been practicing in energy medicine for over a dozen years) explaining that the Earth’s polarity is changing more quickly than normal and it is affecting our body’s polarity. We humans are extremely resilient and our bodies will eventually adapt to just about anything. But when there are big and fast changes (for instance the rollout of 5G technology) our poor bodies can sometimes struggle to adapt. Many of us go through a rocky transition period as our body struggles to make the necessary changes to cope. This quicker move of the Earth’s north pole has caused many humans to reverse their polarity. But what the heck does that mean anyway?

When standing upright, our heads should be magnetically north and our feet on the earth magnetically south. If this reverses it can cause our chi to get stuck and not flow properly between the north and south poles of our body. When our polarity is correct, we have a good “ground” which means we are solidly connected to the earth and we are “sucking up” fresh prana, chi, or life force energy. We can recharge ourselves simply by standing on the earth. But what happens if we are not well grounded and we don’t recharge our batteries regularly?

Graphic from a health presentation by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

If this image doesn’t give you a good picture of what this means to your body, I will try to further illustrate . . .

What Happens If My Body Polarity Gets Flipped?

We pull up fresh clean energy from the earth through our feet and this literally “energizes” us. This “recharges our batteries.” So let’s imagine a AA battery inserted into a charge upside down. Do you think it will charge this way? The answer is no, it will not.

Graphic from a health presentation by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

Now, are you getting the picture of how unhealthy it is to have your polarity flipped? Our bodies are energetic beings and they need to be charged daily. I already wrote an article explaining the importance of grounding and now this concept of polarity just continues where that one left off. When you are ungrounded for long enough periods, your polarity will flip or reverse.

What Causes a Human’s Body Polarity to Flip?

There are various common threats to our body’s natural polarity including prolonged exposure to things like: cell phones, microwaves, computers, laptops, I-pads, TVs, high-tension wires, and even the electrical wiring in your house. These are all sources of EMF’s (electromagnetic frequencies), electrosmog, and electromagnetic radiation. Being grounded only helps your body deal with all this radiation. When you are not grounded, you are even more susceptible to these EMF’s.

Along with all the EMF-related villains I listed above, there are some other things that can also cause your body to flip polarity and they include:

  • Sitting for extended periods of time
  • Flying in an airplane for several hours where you’re connection to the Earth is broken in a major way

How To Fix a Flipped Polarity

The good news is that there are some very easy things we can do to preserve, correct, or restore our polarity. The very best and easiest way to not only fix a polarity flip but also reinforce the proper polarity is to just simply “spoon” the bottom of your feet with a stainless steel spoon. There is no magical procedure. Just rub the spoon on the soles of your feet for at least 15- 20 seconds per foot. I usually recommend to my clients that they keep a spare spoon on their nightstand and make a habit of spooning their feet before they get into bed at night and right after they get out of bed in the morning.

Another way to fix polarity is to “spin a magnet” at the soles of your feet. Now, this requires that you have a magnet with a hole in it and a string tied to it, so truly, the spoon is easier, but this will also work.

And lastly, drinking water that has been sitting for about 10 minutes or more on the north side of a magnet is also great for retaining the proper polarity. I wrote an article on this subject and you can read it here. But how do you know which side of the magnet is north? Here’s is simple way to determine it yourself (taught by a youngster in under 2 minutes):

And, have an even easier solution for that. I make special magnet coasters for this exact purpose and would be happy to give you one after an in-person healing session. You can also easily get your polarity tested during any of my healing sessions. If I don’t do it automatically for you, just ask!

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