The earth’s magnetic field is declining steadily and has lost over 30 percent of its strength over the last 2000 years. This may be causing a magnetic deficiency in many people. Did you know that astronauts who are cut off from the earth’s magnetic field will develop significant health problems unless they are provided an artificial magnetic field within the space capsule? Human beings have adapted to a certain strength of the earth’s magnetic field. At the moment this strength is declining at a rate that may exceed our capacity to cope.

Magnets and Health

The human body is profoundly responsive to electromagnetic fields. This is why we have MRI machines, treatments with pulsed electromagnets, and a slew of personal products that include magnets. I personally was able to completely heal myself of a terribly torn rotator cuff using nothing more than magnets . . . and a lot of knowledge of energy medicine :-)

And that’s the trick with magnets. You need to know how to use them because the North side has very different effects on the human body as compared to the South side. The North polarity stabilizes, calms and sedates and also reduces pain, infection, and inflammation. South polarity, on the other hand, is acid producing, biologically disorganizing, and may accelerate bacteria growth. We were taught as practitioners to never put the South side of a magnet anywhere near somebody with cancer because it could cause the tumors to spread. Magnets with a South polarity should only be used under the care of a trained practitioner, yet the fact is when you buy most magnet therapy braces to be worn on the body, the manufacturers can’t even answer the simple question of “which pole is facing toward the body?”

Magnetized Water

The fact that our bodies consist mainly of water and that all our bodily processes are heavily dependent on water has lead to research into the possibility of using magnetized water to promote health and treat disease. Fresh, “virgin” water from a mountain stream is full of vitality. During its passage through contaminated soil, miles of iron or plastic pipe, and treatment plants where it is exposed to toxic chemicals it loses its vitality. By the time it comes out of the tap it is essentially lifeless. Place a bowl of pure spring water on the floor next to a bowl of tap water and see which one your dog instinctively goes to first. Too bad we don’t know how to use our bodies built-in intelligence like they do. The photo below is from Dr. Emoto’s water experiment and it depicts microscope photos of water from a contaminated river next vs a clean spring. If you are not familiar with Dr. Emoto’s water experiment you can learn more by clicking here.

Some researchers believe that the average city tap water may actually be harmful, not only because of its content of toxins but also because it has developed a polarity which is harmful to our health. Fortunately, recent research has shown that it is possible to regenerate water to its original healthy state by magnetizing it.

We have fully embraced the use of magnets for medicine diagnostics (MRI machines), but the use of magnets as treatments is still not widely accepted. There is very little doubt that our cells react like a tiny magnet throughout the body’s universe. Disturbance of this balance may bring on the dysfunction of the body that current tests and investigative tools are simply not sensitive enough to measure.

It may be decades before the science of magnetized water is fully understood. Mainstream medicine may discount magnetized water as “quackery,” but those in the forefront of magnetic research don’t agree. Research studies now support the fact that each of our cells possesses a small magnetic field, and therefore I personally find it logical that magnetic water can have a positive effect on our cells. Now I’m not suggesting that magnetized water is a magic cure-all, but I do believe that it can enhance our health. Not only does North pole-magnetized water have healing and anti-biotic type properties, but it provides increased alkalinity. Higher alkalinity can help to combat the negative biological acid environment caused by our modern-day meat-heavy diet and toxin-filled air.

Healing Benefits of Magnetized Water

Here are some of the reported health benefits of magnetized water:

  • Acidity and Other Digestive Disorders: Magnetized water reduces excess acidity and bile in the digestive system. It helps to regulate the movement of the bowels.
  • Kidney Stones: The use of magnetic water in urinary and kidney disorders has been documented. In scientific studies, magnetic water has been prescribed to persons suffering from renal calculus. An adult suffering from renal stone is advised to drink one-liter of magnetic water per day.
  • Low Blood Pressure and Nervous System: Magnetized water is also very beneficial for nervous disorders and treatment of blood pressure, especially low blood pressure. It gives a soothing and slightly sedative effect to the nerves, aids in clearing clogged arteries, and normalizes the circulatory system.
  • Asthma/Bronchitis: Magnetized water is helpful in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, and certain types of fevers.
  • Healing of Wounds: Magnetized water has been used as an external aid for washing swollen and sore eyes, wounds, eczema spots, etc. for quicker healing. In all types of eye infections, north pole magnetized water has healing and anti-biotic type properties.
  • Polarity of the human biofield – Like the Earth itself, our bodies have a North/South polarity and it is very common to have this polarity flip. When this happens it opens us up to a host of ailments. Drinking North facing magnetized water helps the body to maintain it’s proper polarity.

magnetic coasters to help polarity

During the COVID shutdown, I started making my own coasters with magnets inserts. I have, of course, tested to ensure the North side of the magnet is facing up. I have been placing a large jar of water on the coaster every morning and then I use this jar to fill my drinking glass throughout the day. The water should remain on the magnet for at least 10-15 minutes before consuming for maximum benefits. To further boost any potential health benefits I also added some uplifting words to the glass jar such as “love, joy, & happiness.” This is again based on Dr. Emoto’s water experiment of the effects of words on water. If you haven’t already clicked the link at the beginning of this article, please click here for more details about that experiment.

I will have some of these homemade magnet coasters available in my office and will be happy to give every client one free of charge. Just remind me when you see me.