As many of you already know, we have been programmed since childhood into limiting beliefs. We may think that we are not worthy or not good enough based on our early life experiences. I think everybody knows about that. But now let’s consider our more recent programming . . . if you watch mainstream news, you are being programmed. There is no way around it. You are being programmed into believing that you are weak and vulnerable. In many ways, we are being told that we must hide in our houses until science invents a chemical that can save us. There are no messages that suggest we just might be strong enough to handle this new virus. There are no messages that explain the AMAZING and miraculous power of our own human immune system.

Now let me be clear . . . I am not suggesting that the virus isn’t scary and deadly. But if the only messages we get are that we are weak and in grave danger what do you think that will do to our physical bodies? If all we hear about is how many people are sick and terrible stories about the deaths, without ever focusing on the vast majority of people that naturally beat the virus, what message does that send to our brains and immune system?

Merging Science with Spirituality

I spent 8 full days hearing nothing but programs that explained the science (yes, real science without a political agenda) behind the human body and how it works. I learned about DNA, quantum physics, telomeres, heart rate variability, brain coherence, and so many ways you can keep yourself as strong and healthy as possible. And most importantly, I reinforced the belief and knowledge of the important connection between mind and body. This is truly the holy grail, secret weapon to staying healthy. The mind plays the most integral part in our health and if we continue to allow ourselves to be poisoned by media our chances of being healthy enough to conquer COVID on our own is severely diminish.

There are two types of people that are emerging from this pandemic experience:

  1. Those gripped by fear and believe they can only survive with chemicals
  2. And those stronger than they were before this whole thing started. Stronger because of their beliefs and confidence they have in their own body and their own power to heal. Stronger because of their love and reverence for their own body builds their immunity.

I happen to fall into Group #2 and I want you to join me there.

Do you believe that you are strong and capable? Be honest with yourself. Are you giving up your power and hiding at home until that vaccine is invented? Do you trust in Big Pharma more than you trust your own immune system? If you’re being totally honest with yourself and are starting to realize that maybe you have (or are starting to) give up your inner strength and power, I just want to suggest that you start pulling it back in. It’s time to regain your superhuman powers.

The human body is the most sophisticated machine in the world

This is a good time to remind you that the human body is the most sophisticated machine in the world. Every mechanical invention is just trying to mimic what the human body can already do. The most highly advanced medical technology (for instance, artificial limbs) are so sophisticated now that they can actually behave like the real limb and respond to signals from the brain. It’s mind-blowing to see them in action. But what is even more mind-blowing is simply marveling at what the human body can do, day in and day out, without us ever noticing or admiring.

As a photographer, I know that there is no end to the amount of money you can spend on highly specialized lenses . . . but none will ever be able to capture the dynamic range of light that the human eye can capture.

Robots have been in production for many years and they are getting closer and closer to being able to move and balance like a human body can move. Always striving for the perfection that is the human body. We are part of nature and I’m not sure if you ever stopped to notice, but nature is perfect!

AI (artificial intelligence) has gotten so advanced it would scare you to know what it can do, but it’s still just striving to get as close to a human mind as it can. Nothing (yet) compares to the power of the human mind.

Now, onto the most relevant example . . . every prescription drug on the market (including vaccines) are just trying to trick the human body into performing AS IT NORMALLY WOULD if it wasn’t compromised in some way. So what does this mean? This means that vaccines are designed to alter our DNA to mimic exactly what the human immune system would naturally do. The vaccine assumes that your immune system is not 100% and doesn’t already know how to protect the body. It chemically triggers it to perform as it normally does. But what if your immune system was not compromised in any way? What if your immune system was healthy and knew what to do when viruses presented themselves? Nothing is more powerful than a pure natural immune system. When left to do its job it will perform miracles! Our bodies are already the scientific breakthrough that we are waiting for!

What I am suggesting here is that while we wait for the answer to all of our problems to be invented in a lab, why not spend this time doing everything we can to boost our immune system? A great way to start is by taking my free online 20-minute introductory Energy Medicine class. In it, you’ll learn what it takes to achieve a strong immune system by uncovering some of the hidden energetic blocks that may be keeping you from perfect health. Just click below to learn more and sign up!

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