So many people love owning and especially wearing crystals. What’s not to love? They are beautiful and offer a wide range of amazing energetic qualities. However, these stones are so powerful that when not taken care of properly and used with caution, they can actually do you more harm than good. As I’m typing this article, I’m thinking back to an unpleasant experience that I had that really illustrates this point. To read that story, click here.

Crystals Should Come With Side Effect Cautions

Wearing crystals can produce various side effects and therefore, it is important to know some conditions under which you should not wear crystals.

  1. If you have a tumor or any form of cancer it is definitely not advisable to wear or be near crystals, as the crystals can actually cause cancer cells to spread more rapidly.
  2. If you have any sort of hypertension you should not wear crystals or even be near crystals (for instance shopping in a crystal store) for a long period of time.
  3. You should not wear crystals, or be near crystals if you have any sort of a heart problem because the stones may aggravate the condition.
  4. The same goes for leukemia. Do not wear or be near crystals if you suffer from leukemia.
  5. Crystals should not be worn by anybody that has mental and or psychological imbalances.
  6. Women who are pregnant that wear crystals run the risk of over activating their lower chakras which may cause hypertension or miscarriage. Pregnant women should preferably stay away from large quantities of crystals, especially if the stones have not been cleansed properly because they may contaminate and adversely affect the unborn child.

What is Psychic Impregnation?

It is very important to clean any crystals that you own. Energy is transferred and absorbed by all crystals. Every time somebody touches or handles a crystal a certain quality of that person is transferred to it. This is called “psychic impregnation.” If a person with a lot of anger and hostility holds a crystal, this negative energy will be transferred to the crystal. Of course, it is also true that if a person that is loving and joyful holds a crystal their positive energy will get transferred to the stone.

You have no way of knowing how many people or situations a stone came in to contact with through its long lifetime . . . from the mines where it was found, to the processing plant, to the transport and delivery, to all the energy it encountered in the store, etc . . . and it is very important to clear out these previous energies that got absorbed.

And while I am on this subject, also know that all jewelry follows the same energetic laws, not just crystals. Any jewelry that used to belong to another person has been impregnated with certain qualities or energies of that person and they might not be wholesome. It is crucially important to cleanse the jewelry of negative energies.

Consider an example of a mother who had worn a ring while she was suffering and dying from cancer. The ring was most certainly impregnated with much pain, possibly psychological discomfort, depression, and perhaps pessimism. If this ring was handed down to the daughter she may become psychologically imbalanced and physically sick when wearing that ring. Now consider if you have any hand-me-down jewelry or have ever bought used jewelry in a secondhand shop. I personally wore my mother’s diamond that she wore while dying a slow painful death from cancer. Something also important to note here . . . diamonds are the biggest magnifiers of energy. Whatever energy gets absorbed into a diamond is super magnified so if that energy is loving and positive, you’re golden. But if it’s not . . . well, you get the picture. You will notice that I never wear my large diamond wedding ring while working on clients anymore. I learned that lesson the HARD way!

And please also know that if you do get around to clearing your own jewelry, please don’t assume it’s a one time only thing. Just think about how many negative emotions, or negative environments and situations you may experience in any given day. Do you watch the news wearing your jewelry??? Everything gets absorbed into your jewelry and stays there until it’s cleared out.

How to Clean and Clear Your Crystals

The easiest way to clean crystals is to place them in saltwater for a minimum of 30 minutes. Use about a liter of water and a handful of salt. You can quicken the amount of time the crystals must sit in the saltwater if you rub them with your fingers for 2-3 minutes and instruct them (verbally or mentally) to “dispel dirty energy.”

It is not always advisable to put jewelry into saltwater so another method to clear negative energy is using sandalwood incense. Bask the crystal in the smoke of the incense for a few minutes while mentally instructing the crystals to “dispel all dirty energy.”

I personally also use some other options. One is a special adaptogenic crystal called Indigo Gabbro. Vibrational research indicates that this stone has advanced abilities to absorb and transmute detrimental energies. This means that it can literally turn negative energy into positive energy. I learned all about these stones in an amazing crystal class that I took online. Click here for more info on that class.

The company that provides the training also sells the stones. They are sometimes hard to come by and might be out of stock when you visit the site, but if you’re lucky you can purchase little trays made of this special stone that you can place your jewelry in overnight to clear it. Click here to shop for a clearing tray. Please know that I am not affiliated in any with this the company that is selling the course or the crystals.

If you come to see me for an in-person healing session and would like to clear your jewelry, just ask. Your jewelry can get a fresh energy clearing along with you 🙂