I often tell the story about how I first got interested in crystals. The first crystals I ever got were given to me as a gift by my stepdaughter. She knew that I was always trying to conquer my problems with stress and she gave me a set of “worry stones.” I’m not even sure what crystals were in the set because back then I wasn’t familiar with what crystals even were. The instructions said to carry them with you throughout the day to make you feel calmer and that sounded easy enough.

The first night I took them out of the package I put all five of them into the pocket of my pajama top and hopped on the couch for a relaxing evening in front of the TV. Within the first 20 minutes, I started to experience very strange, and very specific, pain in the center of my upper back. I knew from experience that this pain was neurological and the only thing that ever gave me this pain in the past was taking antibiotics. I wondered if there could be a connection between these strange new rocks and this sudden pain. I decided to remove the rocks from my pocket and sure enough, the pain went away. This made me sit up and take notice. I needed to learn more about these stones because they obviously had some powerful energy to them. They weren’t quite as simple as every stone is good for everyone. I needed to learn more. Lots more!

Well, thanks to that thoughtful gift I’m now addicted to crystals. I use them in my every day life and in my healing practice and they never cease to amaze me with their power. Over the past three weeks, I found myself completely drawn to a new crystal stone that I never even heard of. I went to 4 different shops and/or art stands that sold crystal jewelry and at every single one of them, the first thing I picked up and said, “Wow, this is beautiful, what stone is this?” was a Malachite. After this happened four times I decided I should follow the calling and just buy the darn stone.

I took it home and researched its properties. I wasn’t surprised to find out that it helps with transitions, it clears the chakras (mostly heart since it’s green) and also serves as a great protection stone because it absorbs negative energy. I thought it all sounded perfect for me. Well, except for the fact that I NEVER liked the color green. I mean never. I don’t think I own a single green anything . . . which even further makes me notice the fact that I was drawn to something green 4 times in a row.

I was so excited about my new stone I promptly put the necklace around my neck and went to bed. I had trouble falling asleep and it wasn’t long after I did that I woke up from a terrible nightmare. It was so real and the feelings I felt were so strong that I still felt them when I woke up and I was sure these emotions were not my own. It really rattled me to the point that I laid in bed and asked for guidance from my guides. Why was this happening to me and what can I do to make it stop?

Now, I am not going to try to convince you that I’m a full-fledged witch (at least not yet). “Talking to my guides” is not something that I normally do and I’m also not to the point yet where I can just rely on my strong intuition to give me answers. I’m working toward this, but I’m just not there yet. Anyway, I got the clearest message I ever got that said, “Take the necklace off.” It was dark and the pendant was on a leather slip knot cord that I didn’t even know how to operate. I dreaded trying to figure it out in bed, but I wasn’t about to disobey.

The next day during my walk on the beach I got another clear message. I was remembering what I read about the stone and how it absorbs negative energy and then it hit me like a slap across the face. I NEVER CLEARED THE STONE. It could have been picking up negative energy for years and I just put it around my neck and went to sleep. What a total rookie mistake. I just couldn’t believe that I did this.

So I rushed home and grabbed my trusty pendulum to energy test it. First I held the stone to my solar plexus and tested my own energy. It was weak. Then I hung the pendulum over the stone and sure enough, it spun in the negative direction. Since this particular stone should not get wet (not the most practical for beach life) I used my tuning fork to clear it. Then I held it and set the intention that it would fill me so much love that it would spill over to everyone I encountered. I retested the stone, both against my body and on its own and both tested positive.

I put it back on . . . just in time for my husband to leave . . . he had to head back home and leave me behind for another 3 weeks. I spent the entire day in tears because I missed him so much. Not that I don’t love him to pieces, but I swear the new intention in the stone that opened my heart chakra was responsible for me feeling so much love that it overwhelmed me and brought me to tears. This whole experience was a good lesson to remember to treat crystals with respect and use them properly. I think of buying crystals like adopting a pet. They need to be cared for properly!