Last month I gave you the first two steps of the Daily Energy Routine. In case you missed them, you can find the first step here. And the second step here. They were both super easy and fast to do and I hope that you’ve been trying to incorporate them into your day. Now it’s time to add the next step. Don’t worry . . . it’s just as fast and easy as the previous two steps. In fact, the next two steps are so easy I’m going to give them both to you now. It’s basically just “thumping” in two more locations.

The next spot that you’re going to thump is on your Thymus. This helps to boost your immune system and we all sure need that during flu season. Using all of your fingertips or knuckles of one hand, tap or thump vigorously in the middle of your chest while taking 3 deep breaths. Doing this several times a day helped me stop a cold in its tracks last winter. I went from a terrible sore throat (beginning of cold) directly to a bit of the “end of cold congestion” and I completely skipped getting the actual cold. I did at least 2 or 3 rounds of thumping this point on my chest every hour during the sore throat stage. Don’t underestimate the power of this one point!

And for the next spot, using the same bunching of the fingers, tap or thump vigorously just below your ribs while taking 3 deep breaths. These are the spleen points and they help you to metabolize things from the food or drink you just consumed to emotions you’re trying to process. Thumping these spots gives your spleen (which is also your body’s filter – similar to the liver) a boost of energy.

Stay tuned for the next steps coming soon.