The New Year is the perfect time to resolve to get more healthy. We all make those health-related resolutions with such good intentions, but inevitably we don’t stick to them for long. I saw a cute post on Facebook recently that advertised a new gym opening called “Resolutions.” It promised a full array of aerobic classes and work out equipment . . . for the first two weeks. After that, it was scheduled to turn into a wine bar. That’s pretty much the story with most of our resolutions. We stick to them for two weeks and then forget about them.

So to help you stay on track with a resolution of improving your health I thought I would share one fast and super easy technique per month. It will be something that is so easy that you can do it without even thinking about it. Do it every day until my next post (where I will share another easy technique). After you learn the second one you can add it to the first one. Before you know it, you will know the entire “Daily Energy Routine” by heart.

This month’s technique is Tapping the Stomach Meridian

Why is this important? Tapping on the beginning points of the Stomach meridian helps you to Ground and good Grounding is a foundation to maintaining good health. It also helps with digestive disturbances as well as draining the energy of worry and stress from the body.

To do it, just tap lightly on your cheekbones, directly under your eyes. Try starting every morning by tapping these points while taking three long deep breathes.

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