In as little as three days you could actually make a difference in your level of happiness.

Despite the fact that most of us think that we need to find happiness outside of ourselves, the reality is that happiness comes from within and that we can consciously choose to feel happy by directing our thoughts. Here is a crash course on how you can achieve more happiness in just three short days:

1. Constantly point out what you love.
All day, as much as possible, look for what you love and say it out loud. (example: “I love these mittens.” I love this tea”)

2. Take 8 minutes in the morning and 8 minutes in the evening before going to bed to sit alone and undisturbed.
Remove all distractions, all books, and electronics. Sit and list off some qualities about yourself that you are proud of or that you want to become. Say everything out loud and start with “I am . . . ” (example: “I am smart. I am kind.”)

3. Every time you go to the bathroom, pause for a moment and think of two things, people, or experiences that you are grateful for.
Allow yourself to really feel a sense of gratitude for these things.

4. Don’t watch or read any news.
This may be difficult for some, but give it a try. What do you really have to lose?

If you do these things for three days, conscientiously and with persistence, you can transform your perspective and your outlook and, thereby create a more beautiful and joyful life.