One of the biggest and most common health concerns is managing our weight. It is becoming a very large challenge because there are so many things working against us. Our food industry, with the never-ending additives, preservatives, and processed foods, seems to be on a mission to keep us unhealthy and overweight and maintaining a healthy weight becomes a struggle for all of us. But here is a unique look at managing your weight that I’m betting not many people haven’t considered . . .

What would you say if I told you that your thoughts are controlling your metabolism? And that you might be able to control your weight with your mind? I’m not suggesting that you lay on the couch and imagine you’re running a marathon (however, that has also been scientifically proven to be effective), but instead just reframe your mind when it comes to eating.

One study that I read a long time ago was about simply being grateful for the food that you are about to consume. Religious people have known this for centuries and that is why many say grace before eating. But taking the religion out of the equation, simply being present and grateful for the food you consume reframes your mindset around eating. Just imagine all that had to happen for that food to be on your plate . . . all the people that had something to do with it getting to you. Thank them all, thank Mother Nature and the farmers for growing it, thank the truck drivers that hauled it to your local store, thank the clerks at the store and everyone else you can think of. Thank your employer for giving you the paycheck that allowed you to purchase the food. Putting yourself in a state of gratitude before your first bite will make a big difference in how your body responds to the food. Also, note that it is much better for your body to be happy and joyful about the pasta and meatballs that you’re about to eat rather than suck down kale smoothies all day as you’re stressed out and pissed off.

But now here’s something even more powerful. You just have to watch this video. It’s going to show you how your mind really does control your metabolism and the fact that our food industry made a big move toward “fat-free” and “low calorie” foods is actually contributing to our weight problems. Before I ramble on just click below and learn how food labels influence how our bodies react to food and how our mind actually controls our digestive system. This will just plant a seed and open your eyes to just how powerful your mind really is.


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