NES Bioenergetic Wellness

What Are Infoceuticals?


Part of the NES Bioenergetic Wellness system includes remedies called "Infoceuticals." Unlike chemical-based pharmaceuticals, these remedies are completely natural mineralized water solutions that have been imprinted with magical healing bio-information frequencies. Let me explain a bit further . . . I imagine the concept of "imprinted frequencies" leaves questions in your mind. Imprinted with what??? [...]

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Tuning Into the Earth’s Axes: Finding Your Balance


Did you know that there are three key axes of Earth's grand energy field? They are the vertical, equatorial, and magnetic polar axes. These invisible lines of force crisscross through our body, intersecting near the heart. It's no coincidence that the heart, with its potent electromagnetic field, is a master communicator within our body, relaying [...]

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Get a Discounted Customized Meditation


Special Limited-Time New Year Offer - Get a Discounted Customized Meditation Since it's the perfect time of the year to make positive changes in our lives, why not make your job easier with a NES customized meditation? A NES bioenergetic wellness scan can determine the areas that are most in need of balancing and where [...]

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