injury shot

The picture above was taken a week ago (as I’m writing this article). It was all fun and games until I woke up the next morning in search of some pain relief.

I took a deep breath in and felt pain in my lower right ribs. Then I tried to sit up in bed and I knew something was wrong. It was all too familiar because bruising my ribs has happened to me a lot in this lifetime. WAY more than it should. I think it might have something to do with my strong, brut, ex-wrestling champ husband who is notoriously too rough for my tiny little bones. Or maybe I just have too fragile of rib bones. Either way, I knew what I was about to have to endure . . . at least a month of torture.

The last time this happened to me (which was also immediately following us horsing around or swing dancing) it was at least a month of serious pain. Ribs are the worst to hurt because every movement initiated from your core activates the muscles that trigger the pain.

You can see in the photo exactly where my husband’s hand was clutching my right side. The last time this happened it was also on my right side, which happens to be my favorite side to sleep on. I remember getting no sleep for a month because instinct always made me want to roll onto my right side and the second I tried to do that the pain would activate, completely waking me up.

I am over the moon to report that exactly one week after the incident I am about 90% healed.

I am simply stunned at my recovery given how many times this has happened before with the same long recovery time.

How Did I Recover From the Pain So Fast This Time?

I’m probably the only person on Earth that gets happy to have pain.

I normally experience zero pain which is very disappointing when you want to experiment with cool quantum energy gadgets. I mean, how would you know they were working if you have nothing to fix? Well, hurting my ribs was a dream come true.

NES Health miHealth device

I started immediately using an acute pain protocol on my NES Health miHealth device directly on my ribs once per day. I finally got to experience what my clients do. It’s one thing to be administering the treatment, but to know exactly what it feels like is a priceless experience for me.

So How Did the miHealth Experience Feel?

No doubt using this device took the edge off. Without it, every deep breath, laugh, cough, or God-forbid sneeze sent me reeling in pain. I had very limited mobility in my arms and my daily Qi Gong was very difficult and painful. The best measuring stick was my ability to get myself out of bed and turn onto my right side.

Right after using the device, I could feel a bit of reduction in the intensity of the pain, but on day 3 of gradual improvement I was still often bothered by the pain and I decided it was time to up the ante. Once again, I have cool products that without pain, I haven’t been able to test out. Now it was finally time to crack open my Avini Plus Relief pain roll-on. I never travel without (just in case).

I started to apply Avini Plus Relief pain roll-on 2-3 times per day and that very night I was able to roll (very gingerly) onto my right side. I’m not going to say it was without pain. It still hurt but the fact that I could even roll onto the side was big progress.

I continued with the miHealth pain protocol and the Avini health for the next 4 days and one week to the day of the injury I am not only doing Qi Gong (mostly) pain free but I’m comfortably sleeping on my right side! This is a miracle!

I am still reminded every once in a while (mostly in bed) that the ribs are not totally healed but I cut the healing time down dramatically. Given my previous track record with bruising ribs over the past couple of decades, this is simply astonishing.

Avini Plus Relief

My Reflections From This Experience

I feel that when using the miHealth for acute pain situations daily pain protocols are a must. I could definitely feel the improvements building one upon the other and I very much looked forward to the immediate reduction in pain that I experienced. In cases of acute pain, it would be ideal to own a device and use it directly on the skin. This device can also be used off the skin and even remotely and I am now in the process of experimenting with remote sessions. However, at this point, I would advise that less than once per day and/or remote sessions make the most sense for chronic conditions rather than acute conditions.

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