Do you ever wonder why some people always seem to “get sick” while others never do? There are always a few coworkers in any office that seem to be sick with the common cold or flu all of the time. Every time somebody in the office gets sick, they catch it, while others never seem to get sick despite the fact that they all sit around the same conference table daily. What separates the ones with strong immunity from the ones with weak immunity?

There are lots of factors at play and I’m not going to discuss the obvious ones like diet, exercise, supplements, and general health of the person. All of those things only address the Physical body and the point of this article is to introduce you to the other unknown and unacknowledged “Bodies.”

Weaknesses in our Energy Bodies

We are an open energy system, constantly taking in energy and information from the environment around us. We take in this energy and information, use it, transform it internally, and release it back into the environment. Some of it serves us, some of it does not. You know the difference in how your body feels when you ingest whole nutritious foods (good energy) versus a bag of Doritos chased by a Red Bull (bad energy). This should be obvious because you can “feel” the effect on your Physical body, almost immediately. But it’s important to understand that ALL the (invisible) energy that you come in contact with interacts with ALL of your Energy Bodies, the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Vital body, as well as the Physical body.

Weaknesses in any one of our “Energy bodies” will allow toxic energy to invade our system and become indwelling disease entities. This means that even if you have a very strong Physical body, if you have weakness in the energy bodies, they will be more susceptible to disease and illness. For instance, any serious negative emotions, caused by traumas that you have experienced in the past, could weaken your Emotional Body and literally ‘haunt you’ for the rest of your life if they are not properly dealt with and released.

perception is everything

When you experience these negative emotions repeatedly you begin to assign “meanings” to those “emotions.” In Quantum Medicine, we call this “wrong mental meaning.” The thoughts are based on negative emotions rather than facts and have distorted a person’s perception of reality. An example of this can be a person that feels physically ill by the mere thought of a certain type of food. That person may have had a bad experience with the food in the past and the fear of getting sick again created a new meaning or definition for that particular food. XYZ food = pain and suffering. This is as real as reality can get for this person. There is no question that eating XYZ will cause illness despite there being no actual physical reason for the illness. Let’s just say there is “no science” to back up the reaction. Now we all know that it’s quite possible that XYZ food that was eaten 20 years ago could have had any number of problems with it to cause a person to get sick. And we also know that the chances of those same conditions being present are very slim. However, in this person’s mind, there is no question that the food should be avoided because it will, IN FACT, cause problems.

Well, here’s the thing . . . the brain works in mysterious ways. Because of that wrong mental meaning, the “false facts” will be proven correct. The chances that the person will indeed get sick from that particular food are very likely. That wrong mental meaning will continue to affect the Physical body until it is addressed and corrected.

These Emotional and Mental energy bodies must be taken seriously. The amount of toxic energy that can accumulate in them will eventually work down to the physical body. I have the ability to test a person’s energy centers at all levels (in all 5 Energy Bodies) and throughout this past year, it is downright scary how negatively affected the Emotional and Mental planes are, ON EVERYBODY! There is simply not a person on this plant (unless they are a monk meditating alone in a cave non-stop) that can cope with the constant barrage of negative emotion-inducing media and be unaffected by it. I work on myself constantly to keep on top of my Emotional and Mental well-being and it’s becoming a full-time job.

And this brings me to the last Energy Body that I haven’t address – the Spiritual Body. When I first learned this info I didn’t fully grasp the Spiritual Body. I knew that meditating was good for it, but beyond that, I didn’t understand how it related. Quantum Medicine has opened my eyes to the fact that healing happens from the TOP DOWN. You see, the energy bodies are hierarchical and the order from the top down is as follows:


What I mean by TOP – DOWN is that changes made to any energy body will affect all the bodies below it.

  • Western medicine only addresses the Physical body and changing the Physical body can not affect the energy bodies above it.
  • Homeopathy and acupuncture address the Vital body because the changes made there will “trickle-down” to the Physical body.
  • The Emotion Code can help to heal the Emotional Body and therefore, in turn, help to heal both the Vital and Physical.
  • Correcting wrong mental meanings will go a tremendous way toward clearing issues in the three lower bodies.
  • The most powerful thing you can do is work on strengthening your Spirit Body through prayer and meditation because this body sits at the top and will affect all other bodies!

Your Recipe for Disaster

  • Spiritual – no faith and trust in a power greater than you.
  • Mental – wrong mental meanings associated with too many things due to propaganda and mind-controlling misinformation.
  • Emotional – living in fear about getting sick, losing your job, paying the bills; feeling anger toward your neighbor; feeling lonely and isolated, etc.
  • Vital – not practicing good “energy hygiene”
  • Physical – bad diet, poor sleep, no nutritional supplementation, not enough exercise, no stress reduction techniques

Your Recipe for Maintaining Great Health

  • Spiritual – complete faith and trust in your higher power that everything is going to be OK. Prayer and/or meditation daily.
  • Mental – identify and correct any wrong mental meanings that may be distorting your view of reality.
  • Emotional –  A habitual routine of practicing gratitude and loving compassion toward the world around you.
  • Vital – every Energy Medicine tip I’ve ever given falls under this category, along with getting massages, having acupuncture, practicing yoga/qi gong/tai chi, and taking homeopathic remedies.
  • Physical – healthy diet including immune-boosting nutritional supplementation, lots of restful sleep, plenty of exercise,  getting out in nature as often as possible

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