In order to explain what Quantum Medicine is, let’s first take a look at what our current modern (allopathic) medicine is all about . . .

What is our current medical system based on?

Currently, allopathic (mainstream) medicine is based on Newtonian physics and a biology-based on materialism – the idea that matter is the foundation of all being, which is a very incomplete approach.  Quantum physics leads us to a science where consciousness, not matter, is the ground of all being. When consciousness is realized as the foundation of all being the practice of medicine transitions to being truly holistic.

Modern medicine is in need of a new holistic model of care. The fathers of medicine were asking existential questions about life and how to solve the mystery of mind-body matters from the beginning. For centuries medicine has been caught in a mechanistic and materialistic model where the mind had to be left by the wayside. Today, quantum physics has completely revolutionized the materialistic view of medicine by recognizing the fundamental importance of consciousness, thereby introducing a new biology as well as a multidimensional approach to healing. This new view changes not only how health issues should be evaluated, but even shifts the focus of medicine from a model of disease to a model of full potentiality.

The modern medicine worldview was essentially laid out by Isaac Newton in the 17th-18th century. Newton never thought that his worldview would be adapted to biological living things. In fact, Newtonian physics is unable to contain the complexity of human biology. Bringing consciousness into the affairs of healing drastically changes the perspective of health and the practice of healing today.

How is Quantum Medicine different?

Integrative medicine, and particularly quantum medicine that focuses on consciousness as the foundation of all being, is more than just using a smattering of different tools or throwing in some herbs and supplements now and then. Integrative medicine, redefined through consciousness, requires more awareness of the subtle non-local bodies and how proper balance of fundamental, situational conditioning, and creativity maintain health.

Conventional medicine falls short in explaining the mind-body connection. In integrative medicine, the mind connects the brain and psychoneuroimmunology with the body organs. Without resolving the dualistic thinking that has predominated medicine for centuries, all diseases with a psychosomatic component cannot be addressed at their roots. Being able to resolve the roots of psychosomatic disease or chronic disease with a mind-body component through the process of exploring meaning and creativity will totally change the equation from only treating symptoms of diseases to addressing the person as a whole.