Quantum Physics has completely turned the theory of allopathic medicine upside down.

How we look at things in Quantum Physics is everything and this new way of looking has completely turned the theory of allopathic medicine upside down. In allopathic medicine, the theory is that everything is matter and this physical matter is the only place where illness and disease can arise and can be treated. Quantum Physics, on the other hand, takes a completely different viewpoint and approach. Rather than matter being the ground of everything, Quantum Physics states that “consciousness is the ground of all being.

With this way of thinking everything starts at the level of consciousness and works downward (downward causation) and in this theory, the higher frequencies can impact the lower ones. So, in other words, the Supramental can affect the Mental, the Mental can affect the Vital, and the Vital can affect the Physical. But it only goes in this direction. Treating and altering the Physical body will not and can not have an effect on the “higher bodies.”


levels of healing

If the problem truly originated in the Physical body, as in the case of physical trauma caused by an accident, then treating the physical body makes sense and this is where allopathic medicine shines. However, most if not all, chronic disease does not originate from the physical body but rather in the higher bodies of consciousness. If negative emotions happen often enough a person can create a wrong mental meaning at the Mental level. This will create an imbalance in the Mental body which will, in turn, work its way downward affecting both the Vital and Physical bodies. The only way to truly ‘heal’ from the problem is to address the Mental body. True healing can never arise from treating the physical body in this instance.

Understanding this vital concept is crucial in how a practitioner approaches the Four Axes of Integrative Medicine. The very first axis is insight and you would never get the correct insight if you’re basing your approach on an inaccurate model of medicine. First, you would need to discover where the problem really is. In the second axis of relationship-centered care, the practitioner would need to educate the client as to their role in manifesting the problem at a subconscious level and then help them to learn how to change the mental patterns. The next two axes of actions and health would be completely different based on the model of health that is being used as a basis. With allopathic medicine, the action would likely be drugs or surgery whereas the action stage in Quantum medicine could include a wide array of alternative choices. One model leads to true positive health while the other model leads to a lifetime of drug-induced side effects that can sometimes be worse than the original problem being treated.