Over the years I have slowly increased the amount of “little things” that I can sprinkle into my day to promote positive health. Getting into Energy Medicine has certainly vastly increased the list and although this list will look overwhelming, I think nothing of it. I don’t really have to “remember” to do these things. Most of them have become as habitual as brushing my teeth. Now I can’t say that I do every single one, every single day, but it’s not important to keep score and stress over what you don’t do. It’s important to celebrate what you DO do. (Please note that I linked most products directly to their respective websites. I do NOT have any affiliation with any of those companies.) In case any of these things will give you some ideas on new ways to incorporate better health into your life, here’s the long list of what I do just about every day:

  • I wake up each morning to a very special 15-minute energy balancing sound healing song created by the inventor of BioGeomety. While laying in bed letting this music make my cells sing, I practice very deep and slow breathing.
  • While in the bathroom I give myself a very quick scalp massage and “brush” my entire body by simply rubbing my hands UP my legs, UP my arms, and up my core (toward the heart).

My morning routine includes:

  • 50 – 60 minute Healy micro frequency program clipped to my clothing while I . . .
  • Sit for a 30-minute (minimum) Dr. Joe Dispenza meditation
  • Extended mix version of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine
  • Dr. Zach’s metabolic boosting exercise routine
  • 20 minutes of either Vinyasa or Hatha yoga. I subscribe to Gaia.com which I LOVE.
  • 5 minutes laying under an infra-red facial lamp
  • When getting dressed I rub some Thieves Essential Oil on the soles of my feet. ( I do this morning and night.)
  • I have my immunity-boosting throat sprays (Propolis, plus a proprietary blend) on my makeup table so I take a squirt after putting on my makeup in the morning. I also have these throat sprays scattered about the house and reach for them a few times a day.
  • I wear lots of special energy protective jewelry and crystals (especially when I’m seeing clients).
  • If I’m not rushed in the morning, I use a special water harmonizing app that infuses water with audio frequencies and fractal animations. Upon drinking this water it restructures the liquid, blood, cells in our bodies. I drink from this pitcher all day long (as do my husband and dog.) This only takes a minute to make and I run it while waiting for my tea water to boil.
  • Before breakfast, I take all of my supplements, Vital Force remedies, homeopathics, and Dr. Zack’s special Gut Biome.  (This gut biome is taken 3 times a day before meals so it’s easy to remember.)
  • When I get to my desk to start working I start another Healy program that just runs while I work.
  • I also try to squeeze in at least 10 minutes of Genius Insight sound healing frequencies as I’m sitting at my desk (after the Healy program finishes).

In the afternoon:

  • I sometimes throw the Healy in my pocket and run another program when I go for my afternoon walk.
  • If I’m seeing clients I do some extra grounding exercises before and after client visits.

In the evening:

  • I do another set of “body brushing” usually with my bath towel as I’m drying off from my shower.
  • I apply more essential oils to my feet and more immune-boosting throat spray since everything is right there in the bathroom.
  • I normally spend the last hour of the day on the couch watching TV. Here is where I keep my favorite tuning fork and Vielight nasal PEMF.  While on the couch I:
    • do a mini facial with the tuning fork, as well as stimulate my lymphatics, thymus and lung points.
    • run the nasal light for 20 minutes, while simultaneously . . .
    • run another Healy program
  • When I get into bed I often listen to another Genius Insight program sound healing audio file, a hypnosis audio file, or a meditation.
I know that list may seem ridiculously long but I really do those things just about every day without putting much thought into any of them. The easiest way for me to get into these habits was to store the items right near the locations where they will be used. Because my tuning fork is sitting on the coffee table it is so very easy to just reach for it and use it while I’m sitting on the couch. With all of my supplements in front of my face at the kitchen sink, it’s so much easier to remember to take them. If you can repeatedly do something every day for 30 days it will stick and become a habit.
What can you add into your daily routine that will promote positive health in 2022?