This topic has been on my mind lately because last week I received a “remote” lymphatic drainage session from another healer. I knew from my Bio-Well reports that my lymph system was not draining properly and that means that toxins are building up. I was thrilled to have found somebody that could help me from a distance.

The session entailed a 45-minute phone call and, at the end, the practitioner told me to drink a lot of water becau Ise would likely be sore the next day. Well, that was an understatement! I woke up feeling like I was in a terrible car wreck the day before. Either that or I fell out of a bunk bed straight onto my head in the middle of the night. I was amazed at the pain level and it flashed me back to my pre-neck surgery days. And not only did I hurt that next day, but I continued to have a significant reduction in my neck mobility, along with pain, for 5+ days.

When the practitioner contacted me to follow up and see how I was doing I reported the pain and he was very apologetic. I  just couldn’t make him understand that I was sincerely thrilled by the amount of pain. This was my sign that it worked! Something significant had shifted in my body to cause that sort of reaction – more specifically, toxins were beginning to move through my system. I thought this experience was a good catalyst for writing about a phenomenon called the “healing crisis.”

I have to say that it was disappointing to come out of Energy Medicine school and not have enough knowledge on this subject. It wasn’t until recently in my Quantum University Homeopathy/Homotoxicology course that I got a much deeper explanation of what’s going on. In this course, I learned about how disease and illness progress in the body and, more importantly, how it heals.

Illness and disease heal from the inside out and in the reverse order from how it progressed.

Let’s just look at the first part of that statement. If there is an infection or illness inside of you, your body does what it can to eliminate it. The healing process typically includes a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, running nose, phlegm, etc. This is the body’s way of getting what’s on the inside, outside (healing from the inside out).  In my case, all of the toxins that were built up in my lymphatics needed to make their way out (through the normal elimination avenues) and as they did . . . it hurt!

healing crisis

This was one of the slides in my Quantum University lecture presentation.

Now let’s look at disease.

Nobody just wakes up one day with a serious disease. That disease had to pass through many different progressive stages until it became a serious disease. In fact, there are 6 stages of disease that progress linearly from Stage 1 to Stage 6. The first 3 stages are considered to be “before the biological divide” and the last three states are after that divide. Healing from issues that fall before the biological divide are much easier to overcome versus anything that falls after that divide. But here’s the thing . . . just like you can’t suddenly find yourself at the 4th stage of disease without passing through stages 1 -3, you also don’t get a “get out of jail free card” and reverse out of the disease stage. You must, unfortunately, go from Stage 4 to 3, 3 to 2, and so on. This means that during your healing progress your symptoms will change. You will likely stop feeling some things while starting to feel other things that you weren’t currently dealing with. This process has to happen as you progress your way backward through the stages. And this doesn’t just apply to physical issues. It also applies to emotional/mental issues.

Before I close this article I do want to mention that what I said about the “get out of jail free card” is not 100% accurate. Sometimes people do spontaneously and instantaneously heal. This is called a miracle or a quantum leap of consciousness and only happens when a person makes a shift in their spirit body (usually through intense prayer or meditation). Perhaps this will be a good topic for a future article. Stay tuned.