In addition to my studies at Quantum University where I’m studying (what I thought was) every aspect of Natural Medicine based on Quantum Physics, I took a 2-month diversion into something called BioGeometry. This made me realize that . . .

 “Just when you think you got it all figured out, you discover how much you still have to learn.”

The topic of subtle energy is like an endless rabbit hole

The further down you go, the more enlightened you get.

I discovered this incredible BioGeometry system a few years ago but had trouble wrapping my head around what it can do . . . and the only way to fully discover what it could do was to enlist myself into training. I just completed both the Foundations and Advanced BioGeometry training, which included over 100 hours of videos,  24 hours of live zoom classes, over 2,000 pages of training manuals, and 6 written within a 2 month period. Now I’ve been doing incredible amounts of studying over the past 5 years and nothing blew me away more than this!!! But how on Earth can I explain what I learned in a few paragraphs? It’s simply impossible. The only way to share this information is to SHOW it to you and I will explain how I plan to do that in a bit. But first, I will try to give you the most stripped-down basic explanation that I can muster.

Just about all healing modalities are based on the premise of balancing opposing forces or something we call “duality.” Even Western medicine operates in this manner. When there is too much of something, you try to reduce that something to bring about balance. For instance, if your blood pressure is too high, you’re given a chemical that will try to lower it. If your blood sugar is too low, you’re given a substance to try to raise it. Energy medicine is similar, however, we bring balance without the chemical substances. If your meridians are lacking in energy or have too much energy, we can use many techniques that will either strengthen or sedate them. Or if your chakras have too much congested energy or not enough energy we can either remove or add different types of energy to try to restore balance.

But BioGeometry uses a completely different approach to health. Rather than trying to determine if a person, meridian, chakra, organ, etc has too much or not enough energy, this modality approaches everything the exact same way. It uses a special centering energy to bring an organism back into ultimate harmony. Once in harmony, the body can do what it’s built to do – repair itself. It’s based on the fact that we are open energy systems and we are in direct exchange with the environment around us. Absolutely everything affects us and it goes both ways. We also have an effect on everything else. All of this invisible subtle energy is constantly floating around and being exchanged between humans, animals, the planet, objects, EVERYTHING.

BioGeometry works to harmonize our energy that is constantly being thrown out of balance by the environment around us.

By understanding this concept that energy affects energy, we can cancel out the bad energy in our environments, our homes, and our bodies by incorporating things that are proven to produce positive energy. Energy has a tendency to fall into resonance with what is around it. If you are surrounded by bad energy what do you think will happen to your own personal energy? Common sense tells you that surrounding yourself with positive energy will have powerful beneficial effects on your health.

Using BioGeometry we can measure the invisible energy (in our homes and our bodies) and determine exactly what is giving off detrimental energy and what is giving off beneficial energy. Not only can we find the toxic energy but we can convert it to beneficial energy. This is an incredibly powerful system to locate areas of energetic weakness in the body and restore them to the proper healthy resonance.

So now my job is to find a way to make the invisible visible so you can see what I mean. Please stay tuned for my future “show-n-tell” sessions.