If you have come to see me for any services you know that I use a pendulum rather than kinesiology done through muscle testing. It’s basically the same principle because both methods are sensing the energy running through your body. A muscle will go weak in the presence of negative energy and a pendulum will swing in a certain direction under the same condition.

I often get a lot of questions regarding this method of testing. It is usually met with some skepticism because people simply can’t understand how it works, or even believe that it works. I never really questioned why or how it works because I just know it does. You’re allowed to “just know” when you’re a witch like me ;-) But seriously, I started to get very interested in the mechanics and science of it all.

It didn’t take me long to realize that what I was doing went way beyond typical “Psychic/Mental Dowsing.” This is the term for using a pendulum to get simply yes or no answers. I have taken three different courses on Psychic or Mental Dowsing, all along knowing that what I was doing went beyond what the courses were teaching. I realized that what I was doing with my pendulum (touching another person and directly picking up on their energetic changes) was so much more than Mental dowsing but I didn’t know it was an actual ‘thing.’

Until I sort of stumbled upon something called “Physical Radiesthesia.” I know what you’re thinking . . . “How does one stumble upon something so obscure?” Here’s the answer – you don’t. It was no accident that this term was brought into my field of awareness. The Universe made sure that it happened because it was the next logical step for me to progress along my spiritual/energetic journey. It appears that I intuitively figured out that I can use Physical Radiesthesia without even knowing what it was.

Now let me continue by giving some background info for those really curious to learn more about where Physical Radiesthesia came from. I have another short article that you can view by clicking here that will give you some history about it.

Skipping past the history . . .

Physical Radiesthesia is much more technical than Mental Dowsing and has far deeper insights into qualities of energy and their effects than does Mental Dowsing. And this is why I have taken three advanced courses to learn all about it. By definition, Radiesthesia is the science of using man’s sensitivity to vibrations to obtain information from the energy levels that are not accessible to our five senses. It can:

  • Directly detect the invisible vibrations coming from any person, place, or thing.
  • Differentiate various vibrations from each other to know the exact quality and functions of each separate vibration.
  • Test the vibrations within any part of a living body and how any substance or vibration is affecting the energy of a living being, at any scale (from DNA and cells to organs,  chakras, meridians, the entire body, or any level of the energy field in or around the body.)
  • Tell the exact quality of energy and distinguish highly toxic vibrations from beneficial ones.

Basically, Physical Radiesthesia can develop the human subtle body into an organ of perception allowing it to perceive the invisible vibrational world that is all around us! How cool is that?

Scientists such as Louis Turenne (an Engineer and Professor of Radio Wave technology) began to use these techniques to explore the invisible vibrational world. Turenne knew that we are surrounded by invisible waves that we would never know existed if we didn’t have an instrument to detect them. We have radio waves all around us, and even passing through us, but without an antenna, there is no way of tuning in. I am that antenna!

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