In the early 1900’s Catholic Missionaries were trained by the Jesuits to be able to survive and thrive in the distant lands they were sent to on their Missions. Using Radiesthesia, the Missionary could find sources of drinkable water and edible food. They could tell drinkable water apart from toxic water and edible foods apart from poisonous plants. They could also discover what plants had healing properties to cure specific illnesses. These skills not only allowed them to survive but they also allowed the Missionaries to make themselves useful to the local people and to show the power of their religion in practical ways.

Jesuit-trained French-speaking Priests in France and Switzerland began to publish articles and books about their own methods of Radiesthesia which allowed the general public to learn and practice these methods for the first time. Once the French Priests had revealed their methods the general public in France started experimenting with these methods. This gave rise to the great movement of Physical Radiesthesia in France, which fully blossomed in the 1930’s.

The term “Physical Radiesthesia” became the general term to describe the Vibrational methods of measuring energy. Radiesthesia literally means “sensitivity to (or detection of) subtle Radiations.” Many French researchers considered their work to be a natural and needed extension of modern Physics because it could detect radiations that the crude equipment of modern science was unable to identify.

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