My biggest issue with mainstream “Western” medicine is the lack of viewing the body as a whole interconnected unit. Everything is connected and so many things affect so many other things that treating individual body parts or individual organs is not the best course of action. I want to illustrate this by sharing a story from my own recent self-care.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with my vision. It recently seemed to have gotten much worse. Yes, I just turned 51 and most people would simply chalk it up to ‘old age,’ but I knew that wasn’t the case. And I knew this because my vision is never consistent. I can go from getting by reading my emails on my phone with no glasses to putting glasses on and still not being able to focus on anything. Every time I blink my vision changes. This is just not normal and how can I possibly get my eyeglass prescription updated when I’m chasing a moving target.

In addition to the sudden onset of crazy vision, I’ve also noticed my heart occasionally fluttering with strange irregular and strong heartbeats and a feeling of fatigue that I almost never have. Now any of these sudden changes in health would make me sit up and take notice, but all of them at the same time made me take action.

If I went to see an eye doctor they would have had quite the challenge to correct my poor vision because the problem was not in my eyes! And if I went to see a general medicine doctor, he or she would have probably sent me to a heart specialist for tests, which I’m betting would have resulted in some prescription drugs. I probably also would have been prescribed something different for the fatigue. But since I’m blessed with the amazing ability to read my subconscious mind and get answers to my health issues, I used the Body Code system to inquire what the underlying causes were of these problems. I first asked specifically about my eyes and the first answer that I got was an imbalance in an organ. Upon further investigation, I determined that I had an imbalance in my liver. This came as no surprise because I used to see an acupuncturist in the past specifically to treat my liver. This has been a known issue for me. But here’s where it gets interesting. I did a google search on the connection between the liver and the eyes and here’s what I found on a Chinese Medicine website:

“The eyes are the sensory organ related to the Liver. If you have any eye issues, including blurry vision, red or dry eyes, itchy eyes, it may be a sign deep down that your Liver is not functioning smoothly.”

The bad news is that not only is my vision poor, but my eyes are so dry I sometimes can’t keep them open. But the good news is that I was able to get this answer in 30 seconds using my pendulum and the Body Code system. I was so excited that I continued the process and asked what else was contributing to the problem. The next thing I was lead to was ‘a nutritional imbalance’ and this time I discovered that I had a Magnesium deficiency. Back to google I went and this is what I found on the US National Library of Medicine’s website:

“People with fatty liver disease are at high risk of magnesium deficiency.”

My pendulum never ceases to amaze me and I was told in the past that I did have a ‘fatty liver!’ So with this knowledge that my liver is clearly acting up again and it’s causing a severe magnesium deficiency, I’ve started some daily liver Energy Medicine self-care tricks and I also started to take 2 doses of Magnesium per day. And here’s just a sample of how mysterious the Universe works . . . without going out and looking for a book, I just happened to stumble upon a great deal on audiobooks (through an email subscription that I almost NEVER open). I bought a book by Anthony Williams called “Liver Rescue” and in only 3 days, it has opened up so much knowledge to me that I’m stunned. The irregular heartbeat is directly linked to my poor suffering liver, as is the fatigue and now I understand exactly why it’s all happening. I will save the detailed explanation for future stories.

It’s only been one week since I made these discovers and started a new “energy medicine routine” to care for my liver. This routine includes some simple holding of points on my feet, using a tuning fork on special parts of my body, and pranic healing sessions. For the record . . . I’m TYPING THIS ON MY LAPTOP WITH NO GLASSES. It’s also been two days without a single irregular heartbeat and today I finally feel like myself again. My energy level is back to where it should be. I am confident that I will get this situation under control quickly, without any drugs, and using only Energy Medicine techniques and a targeted liver-supporting diet. So grateful for my pendulum and Anthony Williams!

A little footnote: The Body Code System is made by the same doctor that created The Emotion Code System. I am a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, but I am not certified in the Body Code. I own it and I know how to use it, but I don’t advertise the service. If you are curious about any of your own issues and would like to get some answers, please inquire by clicking the button below.

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