I love stories. I love hearing them and I love telling them. I can’t seem to remember a person’s name no matter how many times I’ve been introduced to them, but if they told me a story I would be able to retell that same story with amazing accuracy. There is something magical about stories that touch us. Since I love telling stories (and I have a million to tell) I’m going to use this outlet to share . . . I hope you find them inspiring.

So last week I woke up with a terrible pain in my lower back, just over my back left hip bone. I couldn’t imagine what caused such sharp pain because I didn’t do any unusual the day before. I had trouble just walking from the bedroom to the kitchen and for somebody that is normally 100% pain-free, it was quite shocking. I did go SUPing the day before, but I’ve paddled many times with no pain what-so-ever. This just didn’t seem right.

As I sipped my tea and wondered how I was going to take my giant dog for his morning walk in such pain something struck me. Why not just ask my pendulum what is wrong? So that is exactly what I did. I asked what was causing the sudden pain and the answer was ’trapped emotional energy.’ I found two trapped emotions directly related to the pain and both occurred at age 51. At this point, I was only 51 for 3 days! The two emotions that came up were “longing” and “worry” and there was no question what this was all about.

That very morning (3:00 AM to be exact) my husband drove out of the driveway on his way to Logan airport to depart on a two-week trip around the world. From the second I heard the tires hit the dirt road I cringed at how awful his trip would be (for him) and I felt bad for him and worried about his safety. I spend the last few days “longing” for him not to go. After United recently canceled his original flight over India (after the drone got shot down in the same air space that his flight was scheduled to fly in) I couldn’t stop worrying about the trip from hell.

I released the trapped energy from both of these emotions and I could feel my pain INSTANTLY go from an 8 to a 3 on the pain scale. It was significant enough that I put my sneakers right on and took my dog for his 2-mile walk. Within 2 hours the pain was completely gone.

Never underestimate the power of emotions!

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