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A Bioenergetic System That Helps you Restore Your Energy and Health

Available both in-office and virtually.

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The NES Health system is focused on changing the information of the body. Medicine and nutrition are largely based on the body’s chemistry. But chemistry itself is based in physics — the flow of energy and information of the body — which is where NES bioenergetics comes in. By accessing and changing the information that controls the body, it can bring a body back into balance. Think of it as “restoring your blueprint” back to where it should be. A body in balance can heal itself.

Here’s How It Works

A quick & easy scan of your voice reveals all the hidden information we need to pinpoint your energetic imbalances. These can be done remotely.


Safely and gently bring your body back into balance with special “Infoceuticals” that are taken orally.


Once you get yourself back into balance, stay that way with continued health coaching and quarterly bio-energetic check-ins.




Bio-Energetic Assessment Scan
90-minute comprehensive consult + miHealth session
5 “Infoceutical” remedies / 1 month supply ($150 value)
Access to full scan results + recipes, exercises, imprinted music and much more




Bio-Energetic Assessment Scan
60-minute consultation
Opportunity to purchase “Infoceutical” remedies
Access to partial scan results + recipes, exercises, imprinted music, and much more




Bio-Energetic Assessment Scan
30-minute introductory consultation
Access to partial scan results 
Free access to imprinted music, recipes, exercises, and more

(May only be booked one time for new clients.)


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