Let me introduce you to a very important concept in Quantum Medicine. It’s called Downward Causation. What on Earth does that mean? Imagine that you have 4 rings of energy around your body, as shown in the illustration below. The ring closest to your physical body represents your Vital body and things like acupuncture, massage, and homeopathic remedies try to alter the energy here. The idea is that when the energy changes in this body it will “trickle down” and manifest as physical changes in the physical body. By changing the vital energy you can change the Physical body.

five bodies of consciousness

Now, notice that the next ring further out from the physical body is the Emotional body. When this energy gets disrupted or blocked by negative emotions, the blockages will eventually “trickle down” through the Vital body and manifest as pain or illness in the physical body.

The same thing goes for the next ring which is known as the Mental body. If you are holding on to beliefs that do not serve you, you are creating energy disruptions in this body. These too will trickle down into the Emotional body, causing you to experience unpleasant emotions on their way down to manifesting as physical problems.

All disturbances in the upper bodies, or the rings further from the body, permeate down and mess up all the other bodies until they finally manifest as pain or illness. The worst place to have energetic disturbances is in the Spiritual body because these disturbances will cause mental blocks, which will cause negative emotions, which will upset the flow of energy in the Vital body and will eventually cause physical dis-ease.

But here’s the good news. If you could work directly at the level of the Spiritual body, the fixes you make here will trickle down and restore the energy in all the other bodies. The theory is that your soul needs to be happy in order to have health and happiness, and disturbances in the spirit or soul are the very root cause of dis-ease. This is why meditation is so widely promoted as the key to health. Yes, it can reduce stress which is always a good thing, but anything that can promote love, gratitude, and forgiveness can be a health game changer.

We, as a society, don’t put enough emphasis on the happiness of our souls. We have all heard about one’s soul’s purpose but most people have no idea if they are living their soul’s purpose. It certainly would be much easier if our souls just spoke to us directly! Here’s a little tip . . . if you are suffering from any sort of chronic condition, be it pain or illness, chances are your soul is not happy. Is there somebody in your life that you haven’t forgiven? Are there people that you are taking for granted? Do you feel fulfilled by your work? Do you have a hobby that truly brings your joy? It’s time for some self-reflection to go inside and ask yourself if your soul is happy. You may be surprised by what you will learn by simply sitting quietly for several minutes.

Please stay tuned for future blog posts where I will introduce you to a simple way to help heal your soul.