Unveiling the Hidden Truth in Animals

My dog receiving a Bioenergetic scan

I am in the process of evaluating a BioEnergetic scanning system by NES Health. So far, I’ve scanned quite a few clients with amazingly accurate results (based on the clients’ feedback). All of the scans that I performed on myself have been astonishing because nobody is more familiar with their inner energy terrain than I am! And if that wasn’t enough to sell me, the scans I did on my husband really blew me away. If you are skeptical about a system like this, just have your significant other get scanned. Sometimes it is hard for us to accept and acknowledge our own weak points, but it sure is easy to identify them in our mates!

In addition to knowing my own energetic terrain and all of my husband’s energetic and emotional weak points, I am also very familiar with the physical problems that my beloved dog Guinness is facing. It was exactly one year ago that we decided to have the dreaded “imaging” done at the vet’s office to determine the cause of his sudden drastic decline in health. I had been watching his energy weaken for months and he was in and out of the vet’s office getting blood work done. I knew things were not looking good and avoided the “prognosis” as long as possible.

Last September, the vet told us that it was highly likely that our dog had spleen cancer. The only option given to us at that time was to remove his spleen and that might get us an extra 3 months out of his life. There was no way we were going to put him through and the doctor just said he was sorry and sent us home. I knew it must have been bad because the vet didn’t even bother giving our dog his routine vaccinations that were due at that time. It felt like our poor boy was being sent home on hospice.

I wasn’t about to give up that quickly and I have been using many of my available tricks and tools to help him along. Here we are one year later, and if anything, Guinness is doing better now than he was a year ago.

This past weekend, I performed a NES Bioenergetic scan on Guinness and I was very impressed when the scan showed his Spleen as being the biggest priority. The purple dots below are top priority, followed by the orange as second priority. These are the organs that do not have the strength that they should. Now spleen and pancreas go hand-in-hand in Chinese medicine so it was no surprise to see them both in need of help. It is also interesting to note that both the spleen and the liver are the body’s main filters that rid the body of toxins, both physical and emotional. When Guinness was getting his blood work done last year it was to test his liver because his numbers were consistently coming back way out of range. So we knew his liver was in trouble before we knew about the spleen.

Bioenergetic scanning for dogsSo the scan confirmed what I already knew regarding the physical problem with the spleen. The next screen that I viewed was the “Energy Flow” and this showed me where there were blockages in the meridians (which carry the energy and information around the body.) The biggest issue that Guinness had here was in the Triple Burner meridian which is directly related to stress. This meridian controls the immune system and when it feels threatened with any sort of stress, immune function diminishes. This meridian is also responsible for homeostasis and body temperature control. This dog HATES the heat, is extremely sensitive to it, and refuses to be in the sun. In the past, he also had to have his thyroid checked because he was having weight gain problems and there is a direct connection between this meridian and the thyroid.

Bioenergetic scanning for dogs

Given this enlightening information, I was able to deduce that the dog has been under prolonged stress. And, as noted by the second priority “orange dots,” the Stomach meridian (linked to worry) and the Heart (linked to emotional health) were also affected.

This started to give me a much clearer picture that the root cause of our dog’s decline may very well be linked to prolonged emotional upset related to worry. And this led me to the next screen that I analyzed . . . the Mind Body screen. Here I found that his two biggest priorities were something called “ERS-Emotional Stress Release” and the Nervous system. The picture continued to get clearer and clearer.

Bioenergetic scanning for dogs

I dug a little deeper and found that he is currently struggling with “Trust.” Our once rock-solid dog that wasn’t phased by ANYTHING is now having trust issues.

Bioenergetic scanning for dogs

This was very puzzling for me given his track record. It flashed me back to one of my Pranic Healing training weekends when my husband traveled with me and we brought Guinness along for the weekend. The boys joined the Pranic healers for lunch one day and I’ll never forget the moment that my husband brought Guinness into the building. I was upstairs with all the other healers and we couldn’t yet see my husband and the dog because they were still downstairs, but a highly sensitive healer immediately said that she “felt the dog’s presence” and told me that Guinness was “highly intuitive.”

Thinking back to this event I now cringe at the thought of what this poor dog has been through over the past three “pandemic years.” Living through periods of fear, followed by worry and a whole lot of mistrust in the world at large. I fear Guinness has taken on the burden of the human emotions that have plagued this household. Here is just one example of why I think all of this is related to the human emotions . . . I would imagine most dogs don’t have “insecurity about the future and an unconscious fear for the loss of material abundance.” My poor sweet boy.

Bioenergetic scanning for dogs

That sadness that I felt was quickly replaced by hope because if there is one thing that the NES system does very well it’s removing emotional blockages. Guinness will be starting his first month of Infoceuticals right away. Infoceuticals are simply water remedies that are imprinted with frequencies meant to rebalance various aspects of mind and body imbalances. I can’t wait to see how he does . . .

If you are interested in a pet scan, please contact me directly. I do not yet have this service publicly available.

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