As part of my graduate studies in Natural Medicine, I had to take a course that covered treating survivors of trauma and abuse. In this course, there was an in-depth explanation of mind control that . . . well, blew my mind. I am writing this article, in the USA, in November of 2020 and I can’t imagine a more relevant time in history to explore the topic of mind control. I am going to share some pages directly out of my textbook “The Ethics of Touch” by Ben E. Benjamin PhD and Cherie Soleman-Moe. I have highlighted the items that really struck me. Please take the time to read the highlights.

Ever since I read these pages I can not stop thinking about the state of this country, and perhaps the entire world. Is there any chance that any of my future clients moving into 2021 will NOT be victims or survivors of emotional/mental trauma and abuse?

This led me to so many more thoughts. I have consciously made the decision several months ago to remove myself from society as much as possible. I don’t follow politics at all, I don’t watch TV, and refuse to expose myself to mainstream media. This is the driving force behind me continuing with graduate studies – to give me something much more meaningful to do with my time rather than get sucked into the drama. I have even been severely limiting my time on Facebook because it is painful to watch this mind control play out before my very eyes. Because of this major limitation to media exposure I consider myself as untouched by mainstream propaganda as I can possibly be and I believe that is why I read those textbook pages and had such a clear sense of knowing. I would like to think that I am at the top of the chart below, in the “Free of Mind Control” category, also commonly known these days as “a conspiracy theorist.”

The graphic below attempts to illustrate my thoughts. I chose to do it with water and the analogy of the masks was actually a happy unplanned accident. I also chose to create the illustration in the shape of a triangle because it carries a double meaning. I see it as a mountain. Being on the top of the mountain takes hard work and dedication. It’s not always easy to get up there and it’s very easy to slip down. But from the top of the mountain, the air is clean and clear. Reality seems the most undistorted from this vantage point. There’s also not a lot of room at the peak and the smallest percentage of the population will find themselves here, by design. The bottom of the graphic is represented by the depths of the ocean, where it’s dark and murky and reality is distorted. It occupies the biggest physical space and coincidentally, that is where most of society is trapped.

I am willing to bet that a person’s reaction to those textbook pages and/or to this article will completely gauge whether or not they are a victim of mind control. I am also willing to bet that the more media a person exposes themselves to, the more likely they will find themselves at the bottom of the triangle.

Test to See If You Are Affected by Mind Control

The feelings that arise as you read this article will determine whether or not you are a victim of mind control.

My intent with this article is to bring awareness of what’s happening on a global scale. We all have been brought up to “trust the news” but it’s time to question “What is really news?” In the age of digital technology, endless media, and endless corporate greed the only person that can take responsibility for your health is YOU. The more trust you put into something or someone outside of yourself, the greater the risk you are putting yourself in. There has never been a time more important to take control of your own health. Take your power back and hold on to it for as long as you possibly can.