A strong healthy aura is critical to maintaining a healthy body. Our aura is like a spacesuit, protecting us from negative and toxic energies in the environment. Most people have heard of an Aura, but I fear that some people may think it’s just a colorful band around our bodies that predicts our mood. We have all heard about aura photographs and those photos make it seem more like a party trick than an important component to our health.

Here are some facts about the aura

Our aura acts like a spacesuit. Its job is to protect the physical body and it does this by doing two very important things:

  1. It filters and screens harmful negative and/or toxic energies and tries to prevent them from entering the body
  2. It tries to attack harmonious energies to you

It can only perform those two functions if it’s healthy. If it is not strong and healthy you are much more vulnerable to negative energies from other people and things in the environment.

Here is the most interesting thing about the aura. It is directly connected to and predicts your level of health. A healthy aura = a healthy physical body. Illnesses are actually reflected in the aura BEFORE they manifest in the physical body. This image below (from a Bio-well GVD camera) shows a human aura. People trained in this technology can actually decode the specific physical ailment that is represented by the “holes” shown in this aura. A perfectly healthy aura would not have any gaps!

Here’s an illustration showing the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy aura.

So how do you know if your aura is healthy? Here are some signs that your aura may need some help:

  • You easily overwhelmed in the presence of others
  • You are chronically ill
  • You are highly sensitive to the environment
  • You’re sensitive to electromagnetic energies
  • You are excessively frightened of life
  • You feel small or ignored
  • You are frail, pale, and weak
  • You have autoimmune disease
  • You have had a serious accident or NDE

Ways to Strengthen the Aura

First, I want to introduce you to one of the best Energy Medicine techniques strengthening the aura. This exercise is called the Celtic Weave and its part of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine. This move pushes out and strengthens your Auric field. It weaves your aura together and attaches it to your body, which helps your body’s energy filters to operate with greater resilience and intelligence. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’m going to share with you a video from a fellow Eden Energy Medicine practitioner. Please click below to watch and follow along to learn how to do this exercise.

And here are some other ways to help strengthen the aura:

  • Walk barefoot (especially in the grass)
  • Salt baths – Swimming in the ocean or soaking in a salt water bath greatly helps to cleanse the aura and draw out stress. Sea salt carries away negativity. Alternatively, you can give your body a sea salt scrub before taking a shower. It helps remove dead skin cells, refreshes your aura and draws out toxins.
  • Lots of lovely sunshine is known to feed and expand the aura. (Basically going to the beach ticks off #1-3.)
  • Flush the aura of negativity/toxins by drinking plenty of water.
  • Hold/wear a Labradorite crystal. It has been shown by Kirilian photography to heal tears in the auric field by preventing leakage. Also, Aqua Aura crystals are very good!
  • Essential Oils – A few drops of Vetiver applied to your belly button at night will help you from taking on too much of other people’s energy. Vetiver is very grounding. Vetiver also has a special relationship with your chakras and helps to bring them into alignment. Your chakra’s are directly connected to your aura.
  • Chanting the sound “Om” is an incredibly fast and efficient way to shift stuck, stagnant or negativity energy from your aura and physical body.
  • Flower Essences – Fringed violet and Angelsword: Fringed Violet is for treating damage to the aura where there has been shock, grief, or distress e.g. from abuse or assault. This remedy maintains psychic protection and is excellent for people who are drained by others or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others. While Fringed Violet works to repair damage to the aura, Angelsword releases any energies that entered while the aura was open.