Last month my poor dog developed a terribly painful neck that sent us to the emergency animal hospital in search of pain relief and answers. Granted, I could have given him the pain relief part, but not knowing what was wrong with him was too unsettling. Once we figured out the cause and got him some actual meds I decided it was time for me to do some energy work on him. I did a series of energy protocols on him, including two Pranic healing sessions. He quickly started to improve and within 2 weeks he was completely back to his spunky self. During those two weeks, I did a lot of research on energy healing for dogs and even treated myself to a couple of new books on the subject.

The Universe is so mysterious because no sooner did I make an investment and outwardly show an increased interest in helping dogs, but I get my first “K9 paying client.” Now I say “paying client” because I have previously worked on several different dogs (in addition to my own) but they were either part of my certification training or they were my friend’s animals and I was not paid for my work. It was so exciting to have a real k9 client.

This was an older pooch that developed an infection in his leg. He also managed to trip and hurt the same leg that had the infection and after weeks of antibiotics, the dog was very lethargic and not eating well. The owner is a client that knows I offer many different services and she took a chance that I could help.

I checked the dog’s chakras (because yes, they have charkas too!) and I performed just one Pranic Healing session. I found that the dog Spleen chakra was very low and this normally indicates the presence of an infection. It’s my sign that the body is busy fighting something off. His lower chakras (especially the Basic which governs vitality) were also very low. I etherically cleaned the infection and balanced and charged his chakras and suggested that the owner keep a close eye on the dog for the next 24 hours. It can take that long for changes in the etheric body to make their way to the physical body.

To my delight, I received this message the next day . . . (I removed the actual name of the dog.)

“I wanted to share the happy news that (dog’s name) really perked up and was very happy starting at around 6 last night. He ate well and out of his bowl (versus hand feeding). He slept in a little bit and is enjoying the sunshine outside? He is walking a bit better today too. My heartfelt thanks to you ❤️❤️❤️”

I am really hoping that this starts up a whole new segment of business for me. I have a special soft spot for pets and would so love to work with more. If you have a pet that could use a little health boost or know somebody that does, please keep in mind the energy healing option. These sessions are done from a distance and I’m charging $75 for animal sessions.

If you are interested in a pet healing, just contact me by clicking below.

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